Boxelder Bug: Basic Facts & How to Get Rid of them

Boxelder bug illustration

Boxelder bugs are present in North America and across the eastern United States. These insects known with their Latin name Boisea Trivittata are different from another species. Boisea Rubrolineata which are also called westbound bugs. As the name suggests, it is mostly present on boxelder trees. Some of these bugs live on ash and maple trees. These bugs are also known as ‘Democrat bugs’ because they swarm or congregate during the month of October, the time for people vote. They are considered to be irritating because of the secretions and the tendency to stain the furniture, walls, and curtains. Due to these secretions, they also gather inconspicuous aggregations without any predatory issues.

They are known to invade houses and human-made structures, but they never reproduce indoor. These structures are ideally suited to winter hibernation location for these insects. They are not considered to be agricultural pests because they are not known to do any significant damage to the trees or crops. However, they are deemed to be nuisance pests because these annoying boxelder bugs stain everything they find with their secretions. These tiny creatures release a very disgusting compound to keep their predators away. For this reason, they gather in such huge swarms before they get into their hibernation mode.

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