Ground Beetles: Basic Facts and How to Get Rid of Them

Groud Beetle sitting on sand

Ground beetles are a huge family of Carabidae beetles that has over 40,000 species that are spread all over the world. This makes it among the top ten largest families of animals and the top three largest insect families. Ground beetles comprise a major portion of North American fauna. Carabidae are different from Staphylinidae family because Carabids have 6-segmented legs while Staphylinidae has 5-segmented legs. A black ground beetle is probably the most known member of this family who feeds on other insects and soft-bodied herbivores as well as caterpillars. In addition to ground beetles, foliar predators are also in pursuit of these caterpillars and herbivorous insects. When these two predators hunt together, all sorts of herbivores drop. This makes the herbivorous insects fall from the proverbial frying pan, straight into the fire.

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