Carpenter Bee Trap: 17 (Easy) Steps to Build It (& the Best Trap to Buy)

Carpenter Bee Trap

Carpenter bee in the nature or in the garden.Carpenter bees are generally harmless creatures that forage your garden for wood. But in some cases, these buzzing insects can cause damage to your home. A trap can help you catch these bees, so you can release them elsewhere instead of killing them.

Carpenter bees have fitting names, as these insects carve perfectly-round holes into wood to build their nests. They hang out in their nests all winter long, and emerge in the spring to find a new place to build another nest.

It just so happens that your home is the perfect spot for these bees to drill holes for a nest.

So, how can you trap these bees and finally put an end to the hole-drilling? We’re going to share DIY traps you can make at home as well as commercial traps you can buy in the store.

How Do Carpenter Bee Traps Work?

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Carpenter Bees: 5 Easy Steps to Get Rid of It (Quickly)

Blue carpenter bee on white background.

Tropical carpenter bee out of the hole created by the bamboo.Carpenter bees are harmless unless provoked, but there are times when it’s necessary to remove them. Natural and chemical methods of removal exist, and we’re going to discuss the most common carpenter bee solutions on the market.

If you can’t live with carpenter bees buzzing around, or if they’re damaging your home, you have a lot of choices to get rid of carpenter bees.

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So, How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees?

A carpenter bee killer isn’t your only solution to get rid of these bees. You can choose to repel the bees, make your property less bee-friendly, or call in professionals. The control method you use is up to you.

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12 Carpenter Bee Facts You Didn’t Learn in School

Close up of carpenter bee's head.

A carpenter bee nest puts homeowners in a state of panic. Bees play a vital role in food production, and they pollenate the world we live in. Killing bees, unless an absolute necessity, should be avoided.

But if there is an infestation, you may have no other choice but to get rid of them.

Facts will help you learn more about the insect invading your space, and it puts a new perspective on these bees, too.

12 Carpenter Bee Facts for the Bee Enthusiast

1. Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous?

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