Vampire Bats (Yes, it’s real!): 6 Creepy Facts

Vampire bat isolated on the white.

Vampire Woman portrait over scary night background with bats. Beauty Sexy Vampire Girl with dripping blood on her mouth. Vampire makeup Fashion Art design.I want to suck your blood,” is Dracula’s most famous line, but is there any truth behind this iconic horror story figure (who happens to turn into a bat)? It may be that Dracula was inspired by a real-life creature – the vampire bat. Learn more about these creepy pests in the vampire bats facts below.

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1. Are Vampire Bats Real?

You’ve heard tales of vampire bats and scaredy cats, but do these creatures exist? Yes, vampire bats are real. In fact, there are three species of them: the common, hairy legged and white-winged vampire bat.

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