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How to Control and Remove Coyotes in the Garden (2018)

By Kellen / September 27, 2018

How to Control and Remove Coyotes in the Garden Coyotes have been living in the forest, but in the recent times, they have started entering the human space. Many people in different parts of the country have spotted coyotes in their yard, gardens, fields and on roads. Though they have inhabited parks, they also move into […]


Coyote Habits & How to Tackle Them in Your Garden

By Lavenda / September 27, 2018

Coyote and wolves look similar in appearance and body color, but possess different charactertistics. This former animal is found in Eastern parts of the country and is witnessed in different colors, including light brown, red and gray. The size of this animal would be in the size of the famous dog breed, i.e., German Sheppard.Identification of […]