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Best 6 Repellents to Eliminate Boll Weevil (2018)

September 14, 2018

Best 6 Repellents to Eliminate Boll Weevil Weevils are everywhere. There are over 60,000 different species of these tiny beetles, all with different feeding habits, and many of them can cause significant harm to humans. One example of this is the infamous boll weevil, which decimated cotton crops as it spread from Mexico into the […]


Best 8 Repellents to Prevent Blister Beetle (2018)

September 13, 2018

Best 8 Repellents to Prevent Blister Beetle In many parts of the world, including much of the United States, blister beetles are a real nuisance. Not only will these bugs happily and voraciously consume the plants in your garden, but they also have the habit of emitting a toxic chemical called cantharidin which causes people’s […]


Wheel Bug Control – Bite Treatment & Home Remedies (2018)

August 30, 2018

Wheel Bug Control – Bite Treatment & Home Remedies Have you seen pests trying to harm your crops in your garden or yard? Do you sit holding your heads seeing such a sight? If you happen to see such things, what planning do you make to gain control over the pest? The very first thing […]


9 Best Wheel Bugs Repellents Worth to Buy (2018)

August 28, 2018

Best Repellents That You Can Use for Keeping Off Wheel Bugs An unusual false impression about insecticides is that they may be bug killers. While this statement is partially authentic, here is the definition of a pesticide from the Environmental Protection Agency: “A pesticide is any substance or mixture of materials meant for preventing, destroying, […]


10 Best Repellents to Stop Powder Post Beetles(2018)

August 27, 2018

The products or materials that are among the hotlist of getting damaged by powder post beetles are wood materials like furniture, sapwoods, panels, floors, and moldings. The adult powder post beetles carve holes in the woods when they emerge to the surface which can be lethal to not only the looks of the wood objects […]


9 Best Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Repellents Worth To Buy

August 27, 2018

Brown Marmorated stink bugs were first identified in the Mid-Atlantic region of North America in September 1998, little did the biologists knew that they will turn out to be a big nuisance for the urban as well as agricultural aspects of the region. These stink bugs are the natives of Japan, the Korean Peninsula, China, […]


6 Best Repellents to Eliminate Gypsy Moth

July 30, 2018

Leaves are the pleasant background of the house and provide a sense of relief from the scorching sun. They are important to the environment because it creates habitats for other wildlife such as birds, butterflies, and honeybees. When the winter months come to an end and the weather becomes warm, most people worry about pest […]


8 Electronic Mouse Repellent Reviews: 3 Ways to Boost the Repellents’ Effectiveness

July 27, 2018

Mouse traps not working? Mice seem to be too smart for conventional traps in some circumstances – it seems like they’re spreading the word about the traps. And if you’re using a mouse deterrent, you’ll often find that they’re a hit or miss; sometimes deterrents work, and sometimes they don’t. An electronic mouse repellent may […]

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