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6 Interesting Facts About Boll Weevil Control (2018)

September 18, 2018

Boll Weevil Control Boll weevils are one of the most serious agricultural pests in the southern United States. Since their invasion from Mexico in the late 19th century, boll weevils have gone on to become the scourge of cotton growers everywhere. If you live in a state affected by boll weevils, you may be wondering […]


Boll Weevil – Everything You Need to Know About The Boll Weevil (2018)

September 17, 2018

The Boll Weevil A pest is defined as any species that cause injury to humans, whether that injury is physical or financial. And the boll weevil, while it can’t hurt humans directly, most definitely fits this definition of a pest. This insect can cause a great deal of nuisance and harm to humans, and as […]


Best 6 Repellents to Eliminate Boll Weevil (2018)

September 14, 2018

Best 6 Repellents to Eliminate Boll Weevil Weevils are everywhere. There are over 60,000 different species of these tiny beetles, all with different feeding habits, and many of them can cause significant harm to humans. One example of this is the infamous boll weevil, which decimated cotton crops as it spread from Mexico into the […]