8 Best Repellents to Stop Tent Caterpillars

Garden caterpillar has plenty of time to destroy your land. Furthermore, the more infestation a caterpillar will cause, the more harmful damage will be produced by these pests and insects. While caterpillars grow on the trees and captures agricultural fields, it looks impossible to contain the growth of the caterpillar population and its detrimental effects. There are a lot of ways in which you can get rid of tent caterpillars on your garden trees or fields.

For example, insect barrier fabrics are useful in protecting plants from caterpillars, without affecting your shrubs and vegetable crops.

This particular section comprises suggestions by eminent researchers on how you can use the best repellents to eliminate tent caterpillars, by several measures of pest control which also includes killing these caterpillars. You will have a detailed idea on which of the species are famous in the USA. Additionally, you will come to know about the actions by which you can control the caterpillar damage, in truth, how to efficiently get cleared of the gypsy moth insects or caterpillars.

Below you will be able to find the top 8 products that are available for the effective restrictions of tent caterpillars. Here is a review of all the repellents available for tent caterpillars. We can observe Caterpillars on both indoors as well outside. Normally, these deadly insects serve on herbaceous plants, notwithstanding, their intake changes and they sometimes rely on the insect groups. These specific pests consume kale, broccoli, cabbage, and numerous other vegetables along with plants as well as fruits.

Soon after depositing the eggs on the bottoms of the tree stalks the newly hatched forest caterpillars primarily remain surviving on that particular spot after consuming the foliage and side by side skeletonizing it. With additional germination, they devise the host and begin surviving individually. At this degree, the bugs eat the cells which are almost 0.4 inches in dimension in sheaths or may lead to some outlying destruction to the fruits.

However, if you cannot stand the sight of caterpillar tents on your trees, here are the ways to get rid of it.

Top 8 Repellents on Amazon to Control Tent Caterpillars

Safer Brand 5118-6
  • FEATURES49.52% potassium salts of fatty acids
    Organic gardening
    Long-term use
Monterey Garden Insect Spray
  • FEATURESMonetary garden insect spray is popular.
    OMRI listed odorless solution.
Tengard SFR One
  • FEATURES Great for homeowners
    3.80% powerful component Permethrin
    Commercial available

1. Orcon TR-C3SQ Live Trichogramma

Orcon TR-C3SQ Live Trichogramma

Description: Using Trichogramma is considered as an effective, safe and one of the top repellents to eliminate tent caterpillars. This is the most commonly used pesticide to cure invasion of tent caterpillars. Once applied, Trichogramma acts as a predator to codling moths, bollworms, corn earworm, alfalfa caterpillar, tobacco budworm, tent caterpillar, gipsy moth, cutworm, and tomato hornworms.

The tiny parasites of Trichogramma lay their eggs inside the caterpillar eggs. Once hatched, they feed themselves with the caterpillar eggs, eventually killing them. Then they grow as adults to continue the cycle.

Advantages: Trichogramma comes in pocket-friendly rates. With this, you do not only buy a pack of 12000 Trichogramma eggs, but you also invest in the future generation who would continue destroying caterpillars in your garden.

Disadvantages: Not everything about Trichogramma is good to talk about. As Trichogramma attacks only the caterpillar eggs, if not applied on time, it would come up futile. Plus, it would leave the adult caterpillars in the garden, paving way for future generations. Also, one should not use Trichogramma and pesticides together, as the former will kill the useful insects as well.

Ingredients: A single pack contains 12000 Trichogramma eggs.


2. Safer Brand 5118-6

Safer Brand 5118-6

Description: Safer Brand 16 oz. Caterpillar Killer II comprises Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t.) which is makes it a leading choice among the popular repellents to kill tent caterpillars. This concentration is able to kill a plethora of insects including tent caterpillars, tomato hornworms, gipsy moths, cabbage loopers, and many more.

If infested with tent caterpillars, dilute this solution with water and sprinkle the blend to trees, foliage, fruits, and vegetables. This organic solution is much safe than other traditional pesticides and can be applied on edibles until the day of harvest. Also, one would notice a better harvest of crops by using this natural pest control solution.

Advantages: It doesn’t harm beneficial insects, earthworms, and birds. Once applied in a proper manner, caterpillars and damaging worms immediately stop feeding on the plants and they eventually die. As per the producer, Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer is OMRI Listed. One bottle can be used for over 10, 000 square feet of vegetation

Disadvantages: Before you apply Bacillus Thuringiensis var. Kurstaki, make sure it is a cloudy day or you are applying it after the sunset. Sunlight breaks down B.t., hence zero control over the pests.

Ingredients: Potassium salts of fatty acids are the active ingredients of the product.


3. Monterey Garden Insect Spray

Monterey Garden Insect Spray

Description: Monetary garden insect spray with spinosad concentrate is another popular and widely used pest control element. As spinosad concentrate is comparatively new in the pesticide family, horticulturists and farmers agree to the fact that it makes for one of the good repellents to eliminate caterpillars. Once applied, the results would be seen in a very short span of time, almost within two days.

Advantages: As instructed, one has to use Monetary garden insect spray with spinosad concentrate by fermentation. This bacterial commodity is safe to use on trees, vegetables and fruits, lawns and gardens throughout until the day of harvest. This fermented solution can kill tent caterpillars, along with gipsy moth, leaf miners, codling moth, fire ants, broadleaf weeds and some beneficial pests. This is an OMRI listed odorless solution.

Disadvantages: The instructions say that only 4 tablespoons of solution can be used for per gallon spray, but may require more, hence it can harm the integrity of the soil. Moreover, it does not kill aphids as well.

As for crops, vegetables and fruits, it is recommended to use almost three gallons of spray for 1,000 square feet of area.

Ingredients: Monterey Garden Insect Spray is a new, environmental-friendly insecticide made from naturally occurring Spinosad.


4. Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract Concentrate

Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract Concentrate

Description: Garden safe neem oil extract concentrate is another most effective pest control solution available in the market. Neem oil is obtained from neem seeds, widely available from the neem trees in India. This oil acts as one of the best repellents to eliminate tent caterpillars, thereby preventing the infestation.

The neem oil solution is instructed to mix 2 tablespoons with per gallon of water and spray on all the surfaces on the affected plants. Neem oil concentration can be used on fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Once the first sign of insects is seen, one should start using this concentration.

Advantages: Along with tent caterpillars, this solution can be used to control spider mites, leaf rollers, beetles, whiteflies, and targeting fungal diseases of the plants. Being a completely natural product, there are zero side effects in using neem oil when compared to other pesticides. One should implement the solution before sunrise or after sunset.

Disadvantages: There are cases where the users have complained about the leaves of their plants getting dried. It can be harmful if absorbed through skin, so always wear gloves.

Ingredients: Clarified Hydrophobic extract of neem oil is an active ingredient of this product.


5. Tengard SFR One

Tengard SFR One

Description: You might know about pesticides, but which one is viable for home use can be confusing. Tengard SFR is a great option for homeowners and is commercially available. It is a type of pesticide that works on synthetic Permethrin. This product is useful to kill several types of pests that include a tent caterpillar as well as gipsy moth. Going for a synthetic pesticide is a foolish thing today if you have options for environment-friendly sprays.

Advantages: The primary benefit of Tengard SFR One-Shot Liquid Termiticide Insecticide over the organic one is the durability. This pesticide can last up to two weeks. Even if it is a synthetic spray, Tengard TFR is odor-free.

Disadvantage: There are two main limitations of this synthetic piece. The first one is that the pesticide kills all other useful insects along with actual opponents of caterpillars, which are responsible for the cultivation overall. The second limitation is that the distribution of this particular product is limited. Moreover, due to its enduring capability, it remains ion the soil for a long time that is ruining the soil.

Ingredients: Pesticide has a concentration of 3.80% of the powerful component Permethrin. One container will make up for 96 gallons of outside spray considering a share of one-third of a liquid ounce per gallon. Therefore, the conclusion stands that Tengard TFR is indeed cost-effective and creative.


6. Bifen XTS 25.1% 32 OZ – Best Tent Caterpillars Repellents

Bifen XTS 25.1% 32 OZ

Description: Experts always suggest that Bifenthrin-based products are the best chemical choice for caterpillar limitation. The addition of the XTS makes the pesticide even more powerful. This composition basically controls the nervous system of the insects and has a deep impact on them similar to the ones that make for the best repellents to control tent caterpillars.

Advantage: The product is durable and has a high-intensity concentration of Bifenthrin, which is about 25%. However, there is no odor that is regarded as a benefit when we talk about chemical materials.

Disadvantage: One of the essential drawbacks of this particular repellent is that it cannot be designated for fruits, trees or for edible vegetation. This is where forest tent caterpillars usually live and cause the havoc.

Ingredients: The product contain Bifenthrin as an active ingredient. Moreover, it contains petroleum distillates and 97% Cis isomers minimum and 3% trans isomers maximum.


7. Tree TangleFoot

Tree TangleFoot

Description: This is an effective repellent against caterpillars who climbs up the trees in order to feed, mate or deposit egg. Tree Tanglefoot is one of the best solutions for killing tent caterpillars. In addition, this repellent is also helpful in reducing further generation pest population. The moment the pests climb up the tree, they will be exposed to the sticky barrier. Once they are caught, it lessens their chance of escape.

Advantages: The activity is strictly mechanical and the product is an organic one that does not affect the trees unlike other synthetic pesticide. It works the best with gypsy moth caterpillars and other insects and it is long lasting. Moreover, they come with several sizes and users can take up the size convenient for them.

Disadvantages: It does not work with large ants but smaller ones get stuck to the sticky barrier.

Ingredients: The product is manufactured from vegetable waxes, castor oil, and natural gum resins.


8. AzaMax (Azadiratchtin)

AzaMax (Azadiratchtin)

Description: It is a repellent that has wide prospects that not only works on caterpillars but is powerful enough to repel spiders as well. Essentially, AzaMax has a concentration of 1.2% of Azadirachtin; it is a type of an antifeedant and known as insect growth regulator (IGR). It controls the caterpillars in a very innovative way; the repellent makes the caterpillar starve and disrupts its growth.

Advantages: This is an organic repellent but works as good as synthetic pesticides. The endurance is long and can be applied until the harvesting. The special feature of this repellent includes minimal use of hard chemicals and high dose of food formulation constituents. Moreover, its anti-feeding capabilities control tent caterpillars very well.

Disadvantages: at times, these kill the useful insects, as it is impossible to segregate and apply the repellent. Althou8gh it is useful for spiders and mites, but, in reality it might only catch the small ones. In case, this does not help you fulfill your requirements, then you can go ahead in choosing a synthetic one. Organic repellents at times, does not help much as they do not possess much chemical concentration.

Ingredients: The product contains Azadirachtin that is known to control the infestation of pests naturally.


How Can You Get Rid of Tent Caterpillars?

Wondering to get rid of caterpillars on trees? This is a pertinent issue if you are having tent caterpillars on your garden.  An expert from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture is highly skeptical about tent caterpillars and offers a solution by primarily slaying the webbing that will help to overthrow the caterpillar population. In get accurate results, try to conduct this activity in broad daylight when the larvae caterpillar is still occupying its web.

Try not burning the tents, otherwise, you can cause damage to the trees. Alternatively, if the tree is not huge, you can cut off the branches or the grains, or for big trees, spraying pesticides will be the best option.

Why You Should Go for Chemical Repellents?

Go for Chemical Repellents

Before we proceed to the tent caterpillar repellents, there look at some natural ways to get rid of growing population of the caterpillars. There is a spray called Thruricide. It has a concentration of bacteria and is not at all harmful to humans. You can spray the natural repellent and as soon as the caterpillar consumes any part of those sprayed plant has a fair chance of die within seven days. You can mix 1oz per gallon of water and make the mixture. You can use it for more than 1000 sq per feet.

If you are confused with the available options to eradicate tent caterpillars, an efficient shopping guide for that is here. Consider this list as an ultimate guide to buy kinds of stuff that would successfully eradicate the tent caterpillar infestation caused to the elements by the tent caterpillars. But before you spend your hard earned money on medicines, make sure you buy pesticides only for tent caterpillars and there are no other insects in your garden. Some people confuse tent caterpillars with gipsy moths and fall webworms.

While webworms also build tents like eastern tent caterpillars, they make it near the foliage. Eastern tent caterpillars do not infest ornamental trees but they appear in early spring and complete their life cycle as summer ends. It leaves enough time for the trees to produce new leaves after defoliation.

Botanical Repellents Worth a Buy!

These are the kind of repellents which are extracted from the plants. The substances are not lo0ng lasting and can degrade quickly if it is kept under the sun for a long period of time. As a matter of fact, fast breakdown does mean you have to apply the repellent very carefully. The botanical repellent contains high concentration of chrysanthemum and Pyerethins.

It is necessary to apply the product all over the leaves or you can directly spray them on the caterpillars. The botanical repellents are one of a kind for small areas like garden, backyard or who has a lot of bushes and small plants in front of the house.

Attention when Using the Pesticides

Synthetic pesticides have an impact of working for a greater extent of time though, at the same instant, kill both bugs and profitable pests. When applying pesticides, be certain to understand and study specifically the trademark laws and anticipations because when examined inappropriately such variety of goods can feign a threat to people, creatures as well as the environment.

So, among the useful repellents to get rid of tent caterpillars, natural and organic products are the best suitable for killing the pests. It is preferred over other products because they only do how much is needed. They do not necessarily kill the useful insects and bacteria which is essential for the growth of the trees. They only target the tent caterpillars and as a result, end up destroying them completely.

Scientists recommend using natural products as much as possible so that you get benefitted in both the ways. Furthermore, implementing the DIY techniques to remove caterpillars will also help you. It is a well-known fact that pesticides are a lot handier in killing those tent caterpillars. But, on the other hand, the DIY techniques involving a lot of extra effort helps to carry out the procedure more effectively. You can say “What you sow today is what you reap tomorrow”.

Therefore, applying the homemade procedures and DIY tips, you can easily get rid of tent caterpillar infestations. And as it concerns natural products, we have already stated some of them in the above sections which will help you control the pests effectively.

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