Best Repellents to Get Rid of Spined Soldier Bug

Spined soldier bugs are brown in color and have the appearance of a fingernail. They have originated from North America. These insects have spines on their shoulders and legs that are visible and prominent on their body. The lifespan of these spined soldier bugs starts when they are just eggs. The female spined soldier bugs lay a maximum of 70 eggs and a minimum of 17 at a time. Hence, their life cycle starts even before they come out of their eggs. In the first week or less than that, the eggs get hatched, and instars are produced.

The spined soldier bugs have five stages in their complete lifecycle, and the instar is one of these immature stages. When they are in this stage, they do not feed on anything and are red in color. The color of the bugs gradually changes as they keep growing and get matured with time. The bugs start feeding on other insects in the different stages of their life. In approximately a month, these immature bugs grow into an adult spined soldier bug.

After hatching and developing into complete adults, these bugs spend the winter in litters of leaves and emerge only when spring arrives. A week before the female spined soldier bugs emerge they lay nearly 500 eggs.

The spined soldier bugs are believed to be predators that have a wide range of host and reports prove that they have been attacking economic pests and other species of insects. The list of prey includes the following:

  • European corn borer
  • Beet armyworm
  • Mexican bean beetle
  • Diamondback Moth
  • Fall armyworm
  • Imported cabbageworm
  • velvet bean caterpillar
  • Cabbage looper
  • Flea beetles
  • Colorado potato beetle

When these bugs do not have access to these preys, they have juices from plants. However, this process of feeding does not affect the plant in anyway. These spined soldier bugs are in fact very useful and helpful for farms and gardens as they are capable of keeping away harmful insects and pests from the plants in the garden.

Best Repellents to Get Rid of Spined Soldier Bugs

  • FEATURESIt is also safe for birds
    Using it is quite easy
    The product is ready to use
The CraveGreens
  • FEATURES The product is environment-friendly
    Standard power source and plug-in
    It does not consume much power
Golden Granules
  • FEATURESThe product is ready to use
    Instructions for use are easy to follow
    It is safe for pets

1. BED-BUG-RID Pest Rid

BED-BUG-RID Pest Rid ready to use pest control

It is an organic and natural pest deterrent. It is often used as bio-pesticide in farms and is thus safe for pets and humans. It not only affects spined soldier bugs but others like snakes, rabbits, lizards, frogs, etc.

  •    It is non-toxic as it is made naturally
  •    It is organic thus safe for kids and animals.
  •    It is also safe for birds.
  •    Using it is quite easy
  •    The product is ready to use.
  •     It not only eliminates spined soldier bugs but other pests in gardens and from homes.
  • The smell of the spray is unpleasant.


2. The CraveGreens by Pest Reject

The CraveGreens by Pest Reject

This product is a device that is white in color. It uses revolutionary technology to control pests like spined soldier bugs and other bugs and pests like a rodent. It utilizes fluctuating sound waves to get rid of bugs from the garden and the home.

  • It helps in getting rid of spined soldier bugs, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, cockroaches, and many more other pests.
  • The product is environment-friendly
  • It is non-toxic thus safe for children and pets.
  • It requires a standard power source and plug-in.
  • It does not consume much power.
  • Installation is not that easy, and one needs to keep in mind several points while installing this device.
  • This device uses ultrasonic waves which cannot cross rigid surfaces like walls hence every room requires one unit.
  • It works only in indoor areas.


3. BUG-RID’s ready to use Golden Granules

BUG-RID’s ready to use Golden Granules

This is a naturally extracted pest deterrent. The ingredients present in this pest control are organic and therefore is safe for kids, birds, and pets. It is non-toxic pest control.

  •    Safe for children, pets and other animals like birds.
  •    Completely natural thus is non-toxic under all circumstances.
  •    It is effective not only on spined soldier bugs but also various other bugs.
  •    The product is ready to use.
  •    Instructions for use are easy to follow.
  •    The detailed formula is mentioned, and it is safe for pets.
  • No negative features have been reported for this product.


4.Ultrasonic Pest Repellent by Bono

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent by Bono

This is an electronic repellent device that uses ultrasonic waves to get rid of bugs and pests without causing any harmful impact on the environment and affecting pets and animals. It does not involve any poison or chemicals hence are non-toxic. It is much better and safer than other chemical solutions which are neither that effective nor a permanent solution to bugs and pests.

  • This is a permanent solution to pests like spined soldier bugs.
  • It does not create any unnecessary sound.
  • It is very reasonably priced.
  • It is free of animal cruelty.
  • It works inside closed rooms only.


5.Pest Reject Ultrasonic Repeller by global deal

Pest Reject Ultrasonic Repeller by global deal

The product is environmentally friendly and is safe for children, pets, other animals and birds. It is non-toxic in nature.

  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • It is often harmful to cats and hamsters and other similar types of animals.


6.Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Enligne – Best Spined Soldier Bug Repellents

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Enligne

The product of good quality and is highly reliable in getting rid of bugs and pests like spined soldier bugs. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is also eco-friendly. The bugs and pests get confused by the ultrasonic waves and tend to leave the place.

  • Energy efficient
  • Has sensor light for night time usage
  • Safe for use
  • Good appearance
  • Affordable
  • Easy usages
  • No such negative issues with the product


7. Pro Termiticide Insecticide by Talstar

Pro Termiticide Insecticide by Talstar

Talstar has delivered this product in the market that has 7.9 percent Bifenthrin with FMC. This is top-rated and most used product to kill spined soldier bugs and other bugs in present days. It is available in different quality in sealed bottles.

  •    It is affordable for all
  •    Helps in getting rid of a wide range of pests.
  •    It does not contain any unbearable odor.
  • It does not have any such negative features.


8.An updated version of VEPOWER

An updated version of VEPOWER

It is a good quality product that is used to catch and kill spined soldier bugs. It uses ultrasonic waves to get rid of the pests and insects.

  •    Covers a wide range of space
  •    Does not require any maintenance
  •    Eco-friendly in nature
  •    Safe for pets and other animals
  •    Has no negative properties


How to Identify the Spined Soldier Bug?

The spined soldier bugs have thick beaks which are double the size of their antennae; on the other hand, the bugs which feed on plants have very thin antennae. The bugs that have grown into adults have black and orange alternate pattern like marking all along the edge of the abdomens. The shoulder spines point out straight from the body of the spined soldier bug. The body is round in structure. The larvae have beaks similar like the adult bugs but do not have wings.

They have alternative brown, orange and black stripes. They have quite natural feeding habits. The beaks are utilized when the spined soldier bugs feed. They take out their beaks while eating from under their bodies. They jab their prey by sneaking up to them and then use the tips which are like harpoons to have their prey. The bugs feed by injecting digestive enzymes on their prey through the beak which makes the prey immobile. The bugs then suck up the digested prey.

At times, it is seen that these bugs feed on preys that are of the same size as the insect itself. This is possible due to the digestive property of the bugs. Thus, this strategy present in the bugs is said to be highly useful and effective.

Different Species of Spined  Soldier Bug

The spined soldier bugs have different species that are native to North America. The number of species is more than 200 and is generally known as shield bugs. These bugs are beneficial for the garden and the farmers. They belong to the Pentatomidae family.

Life Span of Spined Soldier Bug

The spined soldier bugs develop from eggs and then grow into nymphs and finally into adults. Their life cycles start when they are eggs. The spined soldier bugs have to undergo five immature stages before they turn into adults. As they keep growing they resemble their adults. They have an average lifespan of 7 to 8 months.

Eliminating Spined Soldier Bugs from the Garden

Spined soldier bugs have the scientific name of “podisus maculiventris.” They have a rigid appearance and are defensive in nature. They come with a noxious odor. The gardeners are not worried about the presence of Spined soldier bugs in their gardens or farms; instead, they prefer these bugs as they feed on larvae, eggs and other pests that are harmful to plants in the farms or gardens. Thus, the farmers consider these bugs to be one of the best natural pest controls.

These Spined soldier bugs are highly efficient for gardens and farms, however, can cause real misery to the homes. They usually tend to retreat during the winter season and the colder times of the year and returns only when the warmer season is back.

Equipment and Things Required for Getting Rid of Spined Soldier Bugs
  •    Tight fitting screens
  •    Wire mesh
  •    Caulking gun
  •    Vacuum
  •    Light Traps
Some Other Optional Things Required are:
  • Cigarettes pack
  • Spray bottle
  • Spray cleaner
  • Gallon water
  • Bucket
  • Detergent
  • Rubber gloves

Steps To Be Followed to Get Rid of Spined Soldier Bugs

1. Searching for the cracks on the interior and exterior surfaces

One needs to start with inspecting all exterior as well as interior cracks. The Spined soldier bugs can enter the house through all types of cracks on the exterior and the interior walls of the home. They usually tend to stay outside during the summer season. This is the time when one should check for all cracks on the exterior walls, weep holes and cracks that our attic.

One should also check the foundation of their homes for any crack. They will not leave even cracks on the door frames and windows. Thus one must also look for cracks in the doorframes, ceilings, window frames, and false ceiling thoroughly for any crack present in them. During the winter the Spined soldier bugs tend to enter the house or take shelter in the walls by entering through any crack on the interior or exterior of the walls.

2. Sealing the cracks on the exterior and interior surfaces of the home

Once the cracks are found one must start sealing them completely. Both exterior, as well as interior cracks and other similar vulnerabilities, present anywhere in the home must be sealed. The weep holes can be sealed using a wire mesh. The attic cracks must be sealed using screens that are tightly fitted to the foundation. Cracks on doors, windows, door frames and window frames must be sealed using a caulking gun.

3. Using sprays like nicotine water to get rid of the Spined soldier bugs

One can use nicotine water and other pesticides in the form of spray on the plants and all around the farm or garden to get rid of Spined soldier bugs. This need to be done during the spring season and during the warmer temperature conditions as the bugs normally stay out during warmer seasons. Getting nicotine water is not at all tough. One needs half a gallon of water that is lukewarm and half a packet of cigarette.

This mixture must be left to stand for half an hour before straining off the nicotine flakes using a cheesecloth. After staining the mixture, one needs to add a tablespoon of detergent and then mix it. The mixture is then poured into the spray bottle and is ready for use. One can now spray the mixture on plants to kill bugs.

4. Setting the right light trap to attract and kill the Spined soldier bugs

One can consider placing light traps in infested areas to get rid of the Spined soldier bugs. These traps attract Spined soldier bugs and kill them. When the effectiveness is seen to reduce one must shift the trap to a new location as the decline in the number means the Spined soldier bugs have relocated themselves to a new location in the home. This way one must keep moving the trap until all the bugs have been caught and killed.

5. Using a specially designed vacuum cleaner to kill Spined soldier bugs

The vacuum cleaner with vast hordes is designed and designated for the primary purpose of killing Spined soldier bugs.

6. Using commercial cleaner to get rid of Spined soldier bugs

One can mix any commercial cleaner with equal parts of water in a bucket or any other preferred container to kill the Spined soldier bugs. Mr. Clean is a very commonly used cleaner and works effectively. One needs to use rubber gloves and apply the soapy mixture on the Spined soldier bugs. The mixture penetrates their shell, and they get killed.

7. Using chemical pesticides to kill the Spined soldier bugs

The market is flooded with chemical pesticides, and one can choose the best from the list and apply it to the Spined soldier bugs to eliminate them from home. One must remember that the best way to avoid the entry of the bugs to the house can be done through concealing. Sealing and closing accidental opening will assist in getting rid of them as they cannot invade the home. The chemical once sprayed must be done in a final home, and it is better to stay away from home for some time especially if there are children or pets in the house.

Another Effective Way to Kill the Spined Soldier Bugs

In case the spined soldier bugs have already entered an individual’s house one should search every spot in details to find their dwelling place and prevent their invasion by applying pesticide for bugs. It is also recommended to contact a registered and experienced pest control team in case the condition worsens. They will clean the place by getting rid of the spined soldier bugs entirely and eliminate them from their foundation level.

One can also use a vacuum cleaner to dispose of the bugs and place it in a trash bag. One should remember never to crush them as they leave behind an unbearable bad odor when killed by mashing. These spined soldier bugs get attracted towards light hence one must switch off lights that are not in use to stop the invasion of these bugs. This will prevent many of these spined soldier bugs to enter the house.


These spined soldier bugs are considered to be biological control agents as they can feed on larvae, caterpillars, other insect pests and hence kill them. This results in the elimination of many insects that are really harmful to agricultural plants. Thus the spined soldier bugs help in protecting ornamental and horticultural plants from some severe damages.

These spined soldier bugs are beneficial bugs present in gardens, farms, and orchards. They generally feed on other pests and clean the garden or farm from a wide range of harmful pests. Often they also feed on stink bugs and juice of the plants, but that does not affect the plants. The owners of firms are not worried if they notice these bugs in their garden as they protect the plants from harmful pests.

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