7 Top-Rated Solar Bug Zappers of 2019: Reviews and Comparison

Spring is the perfect time to spend outdoors in the sun. However, your fun time can quickly come to an abrupt and unfortunate end when you are swamped by tiny little insects that bite. For your convenience, we have researched the market and come up with some of the best bug zappers to get rid of these tiny nuisances.

In this guide, we will talk about:

  • What are solar powered bug zappers?
  • How do solar power bug zappers work?
  • 7 Best Solar Bug Zappers of 2019
  • Criteria to choose the best solar powered bug zapper
  • FAQs

What are Solar Powered Bug Zappers?

A solar power bug zapper

Solar power bug zappers convert electricity from sunlight with the use of photovoltaic cells. This electricity does not just power the LED and UV lights, it also produces an electrical shock that kills flying insects. These solar power zappers come with a solar panel on top so that they get maximum sunlight.

Solar power bug zappers usually contain a few basic components:

  • An external casing or housing for the trap
  • A bright light, usually ultraviolet, which attracts insects
  • Electrical grids around the light
  • A transformer to generate an electric charge

Sometimes, manufacturers will add some more lures to draw in insects.

How Do Solar Power Bug Zappers Work?

Solar power bug zappers work in very simple ways; they kill bugs and flying insects by electrocuting them. The trap entices the insects towards them with bright lights. Some manufacturers also add chemical baits to attract flying insects. When the insects fly into the housing and touch the electrical grid, they are instantly killed. Many zappers come equipped with a tray in which dead insects fall. This makes cleaning up the zapper very easy.

This type of zapper is very effective, easy to use and convenient. The device needs to be kept in an area where there is strong sunlight, with no blockages. The zappers will store solar energy to operate the device in the day and will switch on automatically in the night. Some models also come with rechargeable batteries or with electrical cords.

7 Best Solar Bug Zappers of 2019

Below are some of the honest reviews about the best type of solar bug zappers in the market:

Pure Garden Solar Bug Zapper
  • FEATURESGood design
    Solar power & AA battery operated
    Safe for humans and pets
YIER Solar-Powered Outdoor Insect Killer
  • FEATURESSafe for children and pets
    2 light mode
SolarTronx Bug Zapper
  • FEATURESDual mode light functions.
    48-hour battery life.
    Indoors and outdoors use

1. Sandalwood NK63 — The Best Portable Bug Zapper

Sandalwood NK63 Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper & LED Garden Lamp — The Best Portable Bug Zapper

NK63 Solar-powered UV bug zapper comes with a built-in solar panel so that you don’t need to worry about recharging it. However, it also has a UL charger for rainy and dark days. The zapper consists of 8 LED bulbs, and UV LED lighting, which can illuminate an area of 3,000 square feet. The zapper automatically switches on during dusk and turns off during dawn. It runs for 20 hours as an insect zapper and 35 hours as a lamp, before needing to be recharged. The zapper comes with a trash tray at the bottom and a tiny brush, which you can use to brush out dead insects.

  • Very effective in killing gnats, mosquitoes and flying insects
  • Portable and versatile
  • Works 20 hours as an insect killer without requiring a recharge
  • Dual modes of charging
  • Switches on automatically
  • Very durable and long lasting
  • Needs to be brushed out once a week
  • Expensive
  • Produce buzzing noise
  • Doesn’t kill wasps


2. YIER Solar-Powered Outdoor Insect Killer

YIER Solar-Powered Outdoor Insect Killer

YIER solar-powered outdoor insect killer is one of the best outdoor bug zappers in the market. It comes with white light for your landscape and purple light for attracting insects. The zapper charges itself with solar energy and automatically switches on at dusk. It needs to be charged after every 8 hours. Since it contains no toxins or pesticides, it is very eco-friendly and safe.

  • Safe for children and pets
  • Non-toxic
  • Comes with a prairie light and insecticidal light
  • Switches on automatically at dusk
  • Can be hung or staked in the ground
  • Odorless
  • Needs to be brushed out once a week
  • Need to be charged after 8 hours
  • Cover and decorations on the lamp are not durable
  • Manual lacks necessary information


3. BATTOP Solar LED Bug Killer Lamp

BATTOP Solar LED Bug Killer Lamp

BATTOP solar zapper consists of four LED UV lights for maximum illumination and efficiency. The lights lure in biting, and flying insects and the trap kills them quickly with a shock of human-safe electrical current. The zapper has an automatic switch that switches on when the night sets in, but it can also be turned on and off with a manual button. The zapper provides eight hours of light.

  • Children and pet friendly
  • Kills several different kinds of flying bugs
  • Non-toxic and pesticide-free
  • Recharges with solar light
  • Little maintenance
  • Can be hung up or staked to the ground
  • Need bright sunlight in the day to charge
  • Its light isn’t very illuminating
  • Works for only 8 hours on a single charge


4. SolarTronx Bug Zapper

SolarTronx Bug Zapper

The great thing about SolarTronx bug zapper is that it comes with dual-mode. It works as an insecticidal lampas as well as a super-bright garden lamp with 24 LEDs. To change the mode, you just have to press one switch to turn the light from a bug zapper to a night light. The lamp is portable and can be taken with you on camping, hiking, and fishing. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Once it is fully charged, the zapper can run up to 48 hours.

  • Dual mode light functions
  • 48-hour battery life
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Portable and can be taken for outdoor activities
  • 2-way charging
  • Users claim range is just 2 foot in diameter
  • Bug zapper must be unplugged from the solar panel to work
  • A bit pricey


5. SOLARMKS Solar Mosquito Zapper and Insect Killer

SOLARMKS Solar Mosquito Zapper and Insect Killer

SOLARMKS stands out from the crowd because of its design and ease of use. The bug zapper 4LED 5mm UV lights are very safe to use as they are covered by a double layer of plastic and has a reticulated structure. The zapper can be charged with solar energy or with a USB cable. The zapper runs 8- 10 hours on a charge but needs 6-8 hours to recharge.

  • Comes with dual charging mode
  • Very easy to use
  • Very safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Weather-proof
  • Takes a long time to recharge
  • The light is not extremely bright


6. Solar Garden Owl Bug & Insect Zapper

Best Solar Bug Zapper

Unlike other solar zappers, this one comes in a very visually pleasing design, featuring a carved owl. This works both as a bug killer and a garden ornament. The poly-resin design is harmless to pets and garden animals. However, it is a particularly efficient killer for bugs.

  • Comes in a design of a beautiful owl
  • Rechargeable AA batteries
  • Safe design for animals
  • Durable polyresin material
  • East to return
  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • The light is not extremely bright


7. Pure Garden Solar Bug Zapper

Pure Garden Solar Bug Zapper

The Pure Garden solar zapper targets a large variety of flying insects, including mosquitoes, gnats, and flies. The zapper looks like a simple garden lamp but zaps insects as soon as they come at a close enough range. The UV light attracts the insects, making sure they do not trespass into your home. The zapper comes with both solar panels as well as AA batteries.

  • Looks like a simple garden lamp
  • Solar power and AA battery operated
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Makes a buzzing noise
  • Need to clean it periodically.
  • One unit is not big enough for large gardens
  • Won’t curb the huge mosquito population


Criteria To Choose The Best Solar Powered Bug Zapper

macro shot - flying insect

There is no set formula when you need to buy a solar powered bug zapper for your home. You need to look at a variety of criteria and then consider whether they fulfill the needs of your bug problem.


The effectiveness of a solar bug zapper plays a huge part in your buying decision. The performance relies on mainly your device’s capabilities to draw insects towards it and kills them effectively. An important factor to consider here is the brightness and color of the lamp. Many bugs are attracted to purple ultraviolet lights. Some manufacturers also use super-bright LED lights as they provide more illumination than normal bulbs and yield better results. LED lights also consume less amount of energy than incandescent lamps.

Another factor is the intensity of the electrical shock that kills bugs. Bug zappers are supposed to kill flying insects in a single shock; however, some customers complain that sometimes the insects are just stunned or paralyzed, not dead, because the electrical charge is so low. Thats why you should choose a solar bug zapper with an LED light lure and a charge that is strong enough to kill insects instantaneously but low enough to be harmless to humans.


Although solar powered bug zappers are extremely effective in killing bugs, they pass high voltages of electricity that can shock children, pests and local, harmless animals. When picking a bug zapper, make sure it comes equipped with some basic safety features, like housing or covers that prevent children from putting their hand in or birds to make their way inside. You should also make sure the covering is durable and not flimsy and can last a long time.

Light Sensors

Light sensors are responsible for switching the lights on the solar-powered device on and off automatically during dusk and dawn hours. There are some solar powered zappers that do not come with light sensors, and you have to manually turn them on and off. However, if you do not want to go through the hassle of going out in the dark to turn on your bug zapper, choose one with a light sensor.

Backup Power Source

Although a solar-powered bug zapper operates with solar energy, there are times when the sun is not enough; for example, during rainy, overcast or cold days. In these days, if your zapper does not get enough bright sunlight, it may be unable to function in the night. So, it is advisable that you buy a bug zapper that comes with an alternative power source, like AA batteries, USB cable or electrical wire, as well.


Q: What is the purpose of your solar bug zapper?

A: Solar power bug zappers come in a variety of forms. Some can only be placed in your garden while others can be taken on hikes and camping trips. If you are one of those people who love outdoor activities and need your solar powered bug zapper with you, then you need to choose one with a versatile design. Many manufacturers make bug zappers portable, by providing a handle or a shepherd’s hook so that they can be hung on a hook or simply placed on the ground. Some come with a large stake that can fix the device to the ground. Then there are some zappers that are exclusively made for  RVs.

Q: What kind of bugs do solar power bug zappers kill?
A: Solar power bug zappers not just kill gnats, mosquitoes and other flying and biting insects, they can also kill insects that are beneficial to your garden. To make sure you don’t trap any harmless insects in your trap, you need to properly read the instructions on the packages that say what bugs will be killed by the zapper. It is a good idea to avoid models that kill insects indiscriminately.
Q: How much sunlight can a solar power bug zapper take in?
A: The location the solar panels will determine how much light the zapper is able to capture. If the cells are placed on top of the device and there are no obstacles in the path (for e.g., tree branches or overhanging eaves), they will be exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight that it needs. Another factor in determining how much sunlight a device can absorb is the number of photovoltaic cells on the zapper. The more the cells, the more sunlight your zapper will catch and will run for that much longer.
Q: What should be the design of the solar power bug zapper?
A: Some zappers are purely functional and do not contain any aesthetically pleasing design features. Then there are some that look exactly like garden lamps and don’t bring much notice to themselves. Some manufacturers created their bug zappers into fantastic and elaborate images that offer a nice décor to your garden. The best kind of solar bug zappers are attractive and are a secondary source of lighting in your backyard.

The Takeaway

There are several different kinds of bug zappers available in the market, and they all have merits. The best solar power bug zappers are effective, portable, versatile and attractive to look at. They should also be easy to maintain and be built with durable material.

If you have a bug problem in your garden, solar powered bug zappers are a great way to get rid of these pesky nuisances.

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