12 Most Powerful Roach Sprays to Buy

Roaches are big and slick insects that generally survive in the damp, dusky areas of your surroundings. They often are troublesome pets that enter as an uninvited guest and multiply very quickly. Roaches are nocturnal creatures and have great expertise in hiding.

Studies reveal that 70 -90 percent of homeowners never felt their presence. They are one of the most common pests that invade homes, food packages and others. They are extremely difficult to deal with – finding the best roach sprays is also a headache too.  The most common cockroaches that infest your homes are German cockroaches (well-known indoor cockroaches’ lives in the dark areas) and Oriental cockroaches (travel through sewers and come inside through drains and pipes). Many people have the phobia of cockroaches, particularly when you step on them, it is spine-chilling although they don’t harm or scare humans.

It has the best credit and number one insect to be feared by humans. You may feel disgusted, infuriated or even honestly terrified because of the little vermin.  In the same way, they are scared of humans. It is not an intuitive insect unlike praying mantis to recognize things, they distinguish humans as a species of an object.

12 Best Roach Sprays: Reviewed and Compared

Combat Max- Roach Killing Bait
  • FEATURESEasy to use
    Very effective
    Affordable price
Roach Motel Traps
  • FEATURES Easy to use
    No mess
    Very effective
Raid Max Roach Spray
  • FEATURESInstant effect on use
    Easy to get rid of cockroaches
    Highly Recommended product
You could have heard about the funny quote which says, “if you are outside the home then its fine, apparently when you break the trust and sneak inside the home then you should die” Not everyone are worried about the cockroaches which we see on the roadsides and gardens. However, when we see this little insect inside the home, the fear of the fussy insect is more than the infestation caused by them.

One best way to eliminate cockroaches is to target them where they love to hide.  However unless you adopt an effective solution, you cannot get rid of this pest completely. Before deciding how to kill the cockroaches, it is more important to design a mode, because sometimes, this insect requires more than one type of treatment to completely eradicate.

Our top pick of the best roach spray

1. Combat Max Roach Killing Bait

Combat Max- Roach Killing Bait

These sprays are effective in killing large American cockroaches and small German cockroaches right at their shell and a powerful solution than sprays and aerosols. Combat Max bait is formulated with Fipronil, one of the fastest active ingredients to kill the roaches.

Fipronil has a special domino effect that enforces thorough kill of the insect because it has a toxic effect when ingested. Roach baits are designed in such a manner that, it is attractive to cockroaches and when the insect eats this bait, it dies approximately after 72 hours. To check the effect of the bait, a field trial was conducted in different types of restaurants in Seoul and Korea against the German cockroaches. The results were as follows

  • 9 percent in a Korean restaurant
  • > 96 percent in a Chinese restaurant
  • Around 90 percent in beer hall kitchen

So there was approximately94 percent in their reduction rates after a period of 4 weeks analysis. This was a truly awesome result by any roach bait. The main advantage of this bait is, it is easy to use the product and can be kept anywhere. This bait works for day and night and you can a sense of relief from this ugly insect after starting this type of treatment.

  • Very effective results proven by study, affordable price and easy to use
  • Less effective with larger species

This product is available on Amazon in health and household. Although this is not available for international shipping, yet can be shipped across all the cities in the US.


2. Roach Motel Traps

Roach Motel Traps

Another weapon in your arsenal that you can use to keep the cockroaches in the bay is the roach trap. There are many positive reviews from the customers who were tired of using sprays and other product and they breathed with a sense of relief after they found this trap. This treatment was found to be ideal and effective when the insect was isolated to one place such as kitchen, bathrooms, and garage. But how do these traps work?

They use an insecticide combined with a lure which attracts the cockroaches with their fragrance and the crazy taste of this stuff. When these traps are placed in specific areas, the smells of the insecticide attracts the insect and seduce them. So after some time, you can clear the pests. However, it is not recommended to touch this trap with bare hands as it contains toxic substances.

  • Easy to use and no mess, unlike sprays and powders which is sprinkled everywhere
  • Keep out of reach of children, when opened the bait starts to stale and deteriorate.


3. Raid Max Roach Spray

Raid Max Roach Spray

Sprays include both foggers or roach bombs. Foggers eliminate cockroaches that are out and about, however, bombs are not effective as foggers since roaches are expert hiders and they tend to hide in dark and damp places. So it becomes impossible for the bombs to reach their hideouts.

On the others are in the form of sprays that are released a mist in the air. When the vermin inhales the pesticide in the spray, it gets seduced, falls down and ultimately dies.

  • Instant effect on use. Easy to get rid of cockroaches which are hidden in cracks and holes. Highly Recommended product
  • Requires frequent use.

Roach Gels (combination of roach poison and bait)– This is another mode of treatment to get rid of cockroaches.  Some people feel that sprays are an expensive strategy to get rid of cockroaches because it requires spraying all around the house. Besides you have the pesticide smell everywhere. However, this is not the case with roach gels. You can attract the insect with the tasty blend of food and Fipronil insecticide.

The creepy little insect is fond of this taste and eats up the gel. The toxic property contained in the gel when ingested kills the insect. One of the best advantages of the roach gels is, it is found effective both against small and large cockroaches. When ingested they get killed within a matter of hours.  It really works like a miracle.

Gel baits are generally made of a number of active ingredients, some of which are effective against roaches. When you have a high infestation of roaches, the gel is the most appropriate method to keep the insect at the bay.  Roach gel baits are popular products and not difficult to find. They are available in a number of online stores and health supplies.

  • Once the application is set it will kill the cockroaches for months. One stop solution for keeping the insects at the bay.
  • Since it is applied to the surface causes stains in the areas. So requires extensive cleaning after use.


4. Harris Roach Tablets

Harris Roach Tablets

Roach tablets provide an easy and economical way to get rid of creepy insects. These tablets not only eliminate roaches, rather helps to get rid of ants, bugs, and silverfish. How to use?

Place the tablets in the areas where cockroaches’ travel like behind the appliances and closets. Roaches tablets are little different from roach powders which are usually made in the form of boric acid. These form of treatment works well on German cockroaches.  Care should be taken when placing the tablets because it has toxic effects when ingested. There were instances when pets swallowed the tablets and faced discomforts.

  • These tablets are not decomposed naturally unless they are in contact with water.
  • They don’t produce fumes hence highly recommended for pet free homes.
  • Affordable
  • Needs special attention when you have pet animals at home.
  • Toxic for pets.


5. Bengal Gold Roach Spray

Bengal Gold Roach SprayBengal’s Gold Roach spray is targets roaches specifically. It works to prevent roach reproduction and reinfestation for up to six months

The Gold roach spray contains two active ingredients:

  • Permethrin (2%)
  • Pyriproxyfen (0.05%)

Permethrin is one of the best insecticides for roaches, and it will kill all species of this pest. Plus, there’s no odor or mess to deal with when using this spray.

Bengal includes four cans in this pack, so you’ll have plenty of spray to tackle your roach infestation. Each can has 11 ounces of spray.

The spray can be applied to the perimeter of your home or wherever you see roach activity. 

But there are some safety precautions that you’ll need to take:

  • Make sure all ignition sources (including open flames, pilot lights and running electrical appliances such as refrigerators and thermostats) are turned off before spraying. The spray is highly flammable.
  • Keep all children, adults and pets out of the area until the spray has dried.

With that said, this is still one of the most powerful and effective roach sprays out there.

  • Contains two, potent active ingredients
  • Spray is easy to apply
  • No odors or mess
  • Must take extra safety precautions before spraying
  • Toxic to pets and people


6. Ortho Home Defense Perimeter Spray

 Ortho Home Defense Perimeter SprayOrtho’s Home Defense perimeter spray kills roaches before they can even get into your home. This spray is ideal for roach prevention, although it can still help you tackle an infestation.

The two key active ingredients in this product are bifenthrin and zeta-cypermethrin. 

What’s great about this spray is that it will kill all common household bugs, including:

  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Ants 
  • House centipedes
  • Scorpions
  • Millipedes
  • Ticks
  • Silverfish
  • Stink bugs
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Beetles

In total, this spray is effective against more than 130 different insects. If roaches aren’t your only bug problem, Ortho’s Home Defense spray may be a good option for you.

The spray creates a 12-month barrier for insects when applied indoors to non-porous surfaces. When used outdoors, the protection lasts three months. It can be applied to:

  • Windows and doors
  • Basements
  • Foundations and perimeters
  • Garages
  • Patios and decks
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens

The spray comes in a 1.1-gallon jug with a comfort wand for easy application.

  • Provides up to 12 months of protection
  • Targets more than 100 insects, including roaches
  • Easy to apply and comes with a spray wand
  • Non-staining, odor-free and quick-drying
  • Toxic to pets and people


7. Hot Shot Ant & Roach Spray Plus Germ Killer 

Hot Shot Ant & Roach Spray Plus Germ Killer Want to kill roaches, ants and germs? Hot Shot’s Ant & Roach spray contains prallethrin, cypermethrin and other active ingredients that kill insects and germs.

This spray will work on cockroaches (excluding the Oriental roach), ants (excluding pharoah and fire ants), crickets, silverfish, firebrats, fleas and spiders (excluding brown recluse spiders).

And it’s a residual formula, so it will protect your home for up to 12 weeks after applying to a non-porous surface. You won’t be able to apply this spray outdoors, but it’s highly effective against the roaches that have already invaded your home.

Plus, this spray kills 99.9% of the germs that insects may leave behind. The fresh floral scent also helps mask the smell of the insecticides.

  • Kills roaches, ants and other insects
  • Provides up to 12 weeks of protection
  • Kills germs that bugs may leave behind
  • Fresh floral scent
  • Toxic to pets and people
  • Can’t be applied outdoors or to porous surfaces


8. Combat Max Ant and Roach Killer Foam Spray

Combat Max Ant and Roach Killer Foam SprayCombat Max’s foam spray kills on contact and gives you a visual reference of the treated areas. It dries invisible, and the expanding foam makes it easy to get this insecticide into hard-to-reach places where roaches love to hide.

Plus, this foam will keep killing German cockroaches for up to ten months.

The active ingredients in this foam spray are: neo-pynamin and cypermethrin.

  • Kills roaches and ants on contact
  • Foam expands into hard-to-reach places
  • Dries invisible
  • Toxic to pets and people
  • Only provides extended protection for German cockroaches


9. Aunt Fannie’s Roach Remedy

Aunt Fannie’s Roach Remedy Want to take a natural approach to your roach problem? Aunt Fannie’s Roach Remedy spray uses clove oil and cottonseed oil to tackle your roach problem.

If you have pets and/or children, you’re probably worried about spraying harsh chemicals around your home. Aunt Fannie’s spray is natural and actually has a pleasant smell. It won’t hurt children or pets.

Although it’s an excellent spot treatment, this spray does not offer any residual protection against roaches.

  • Kills roaches on contact
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Does not provide extended protection


10. Colton’s Naturals Insect Spray

Colton’s Naturals Insect SprayColton’s Naturals insect spray kills and repels bugs naturally using plant oils. Along with roaches, this spray will also kill spiders, fleas, silverfish, ants, earwigs, stink bugs and other common household bugs.

The active ingredients in this spray include:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (5.3%)
  • Peppermint oil (2%)
  • Geranium (0.3%)

The spray can be applied to appliances, windows, doorways, sinks, cabinets and anywhere else where roaches might hide.  

  • Kills roaches and other insects on contact
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Easy to spray
  • Does not provide extended protection
  • Must be reapplied regularly


11. Bug-B-Gone Natural Pest Spray

Bug-B-Gone Natural Pest SprayThe Bug-B-Gone spray from NatureWorks uses natural ingredients to kill roaches and other insects. Child- and pet-friendly, this spray can be applied anywhere where you’ve seen roach activity.

Bug-B-Gone is formulated with natural ingredients, which include:

  • Distilled water
  • Cedar oil
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Peppermint oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Geranium oil

The spray protects against 50 of the most common household bugs, including roaches, ants and spiders. The spray is non-staining and has a pleasant mint scent.

If you suffer from health issues or you have pets and children in your home, the spray’s non-toxic formula is a great solution to your roach problem.

  • Kills roaches and other insects on contact
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Pleasant scent
  • Does not provide extended protection
  • Must be reapplied regularly
  • Leaves behind a light oil residue


12. Wondercide Natural Pest Control Spray

Wondercide Natural Pest Control SprayWondercide’s natural indoor pest control spray kills, repels and prevents roaches as well as other common household bugs. 

Like other natural roach sprays, this formula contains:

  • Cedarwood oil (4.2%)
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (2.2%)
  • Peppermint oil (1.5%)
  • Sesame oil (0.1%)

Wondercide’s spray is safe for use around children and pets, and it has a pleasant scent. Just spray the areas where you’ve seen roach activity, and let the product work its magic.

  • Kills, repels and prevents roaches and other household bugs
  • Uses potent natural ingredients
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Great scent
  • Made in the U.S.
  • No residual protection
  • Must be used regularly to keep roaches under control


Roach Powders

Roaches are the curse of our survival, they infest all around our house and does food contamination resulting in various diseases and allergies. Baby cockroaches running around providing you and your family with terrifying experience. However, roach powder comes as a helping hand to get rid of this creepy vermin. These are all natural organic insecticide that is handy and ready to use the product. They are not like other organic chemical pesticides that have scented characteristics. Roach powders and dust are scentless and waterproof. In addition, it provides cost-effective solutions when compared to other modes of treatment.

The best part of roach powders and dust is, it does not produce any stains, unlike gel baits which create a real mess after use. Roach powders are effective in producing long-lasting results.  You will have no need to call the exterminators to get rid of the pest after you have tried roach powder treatment.

How to use?

Put the powder behind all the appliances and across all the edges on the floor and countertops. You can see amazing results within two weeks timeline.  Later you could see only dead cockroaches and rarely a roach can be seen.

  • Cost effective solution, highly recommendable
  • When roaches walk over the powders, the dust spread everywhere causing an asthma attack to people who already have allergies, wheezing and itchy eyes.

Cockroaches are the worst nightmares causing the terrific experience to each on every one of us. Apparently, if you adhere to any of the above methods, you can certainly eliminate the foulest experience from this creepy insect.

Use these products and get rid of the problems of roaches in your homes and other surroundings.

Are Cockroaches Really Dangerous?

Apparently, cockroaches don’t bite or sting human unlike other insects however they feed and live in the areas that nurture harmful virus and bacterial mostly in damp areas like drains and washrooms. They carry pathogens (bacterium, virus or other microorganism spreading infections) that may cause diseases. Some of the infect caused by roaches through

  • Food Contamination– Cockroach generally contaminates food with their saliva and wastes resulting in food poisoning, diarrhea, and Staphylococcus infection. People who are working in the food industry are subjected to the severe offense when cockroaches are food in their food industry during safety and health check because these creepy insects are associated with major causes of foodborne diseases.
  • Inoculation of infection-causing bacteria– It is believed that roaches are the reservoir for a range of bacteria particularly Salmonella typhi bacterium and results in the spreading of a range of diseases. Salmonella bacteria is the main factor causing typhoid fever. Studies reveal that cockroach is new suspects in the spread of infectious encephalitis. Roaches have the ability to transport at least 33 types of bacteria spreading local outbreak of infections.
  • Cockroach Bites– Cockroaches are omnivores that love to feed on anything. They eat both plants and flesh. The sting of roaches results in minor infections. They generally bite in fingertips, eyelashes, feet, and hands. The general symptoms of cockroach bites start with a red bump which looks much similar to scabs. Scratching is not recommended for roaches bite because it might lead to inflammation and other complications.
  • Allergy The saliva, wastes and flaking body segments of the roaches often results in allergies and even asthma for people who are not immune. In some cases, even allergies trigger asthma symptoms and asthma attacks. As the vermin crawl around the home, they leave the allergens all across the home so when people inhale or ingest food substance affected by these allergens, they are easily prone to allergies.

Studies reveal that when you are exposed to cockroaches, you are exposed to allergens. Basically, people who are suffering from wheezing, itchy eyes and nose are easily prone to asthma attack induced by cockroach allergens.

Tips When Using a Roach Killer

It is possible to shut down even the most stubborn infections with simple tricks and tool. Although there are methods that work well for killing cockroaches, yet you should know that these creepy insects will always return.

Getting rid of cockroaches requires more than just spraying a pesticide or placing a bait.

Simple sanitation steps
Missing basic sanitation steps means that you are paving the way for roaches. This is the most crucial step to get rid of cockroaches and also for controlling them extensively.  If sanitation is not carried out properly, then all your eminent steps for getting rid of cockroaches ultimately fails.

Although food doesn’t attract cockroaches, it keeps them around. Cockroaches are generally attracted towards starch, sugar, meat, cheese and greasy food substances. They are strongly attracted towards the smell of rotting food that is whatever we consider as garbage, cockroaches will eat. So, ensure that you don’t leave any leftovers in your kitchen and dining.  Instead, you can place the food in plastic bags or sealed containers and store it in hard metal or glass cases.  Eliminate food sources completely before you hit your bed. Doing such things will obviously eliminate contamination.

Similarly avoid stocking of trashes, debris and muddles, these areas serve as a breeding place for cockroaches and similar other pests.

Keep the Water Sources Away
The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to have a clean and dry home and surroundings. Even the tiniest leak in the house can become a source for the arrival of cockroaches, so ensure that you repair the water leaks. Empty the sink and keep the stove top clean. This will leave them with absolutely no water or food in your home.

However, this creepy little vermin can survive without food for almost a long time. Some roaches can survive until a month because of the cold-blooded characteristics.

Home Treatment VS Insecticide Sprays

Let’s discuss simple home remedies to get rid of this pesky insects

Bay leaves– Bay leaves are the best natural cockroach repellent. Roaches have a strong aversion towards the smell of this spice leaf. Although this spice doesn’t kill the insect, yet it keeps the insect away from you. People who are allergens to chemicals can try this source to keep yourself protected from a cockroach.

Cayenne Pepper– Generally cayenne pepper alone doesn’t have much effect in getting rid of cockroaches, apparently cayenne pepper with crushed garlic serves as an effective medium to keep the cockroaches at the bay. Roaches are unbearable to this scent and don’t invade your kitchen any longer. You and your family can stay safe against the infection of the cockroach with this natural repellent.

Moth Balls– Similar to moths, cockroaches also doesn’t enjoy the odor of mothballs. This smell is very strong for them to inhale and they avoid areas where it gets this smells. Hence people strategically place mothballs in the drains, bathrooms, in the kitchen cabinets and sink to avoid the little vermin. This is one of the sure ways to get rid of the cockroaches.

Boric Acid Paste – Boric acid is technically classified as an insecticide, but scientists say that it’s no more dangerous to humans than table salt. It is effective at killing roaches, however. To kill roaches, combine three tablespoons of boric acid with three teaspoons of sugar and three teaspoons of water. Mix all of the ingredients together to create a paste, and apply the paste to areas where you’ve seen roach activity. When roaches eat the paste, it will cause them to dehydrate and die. The biggest issue with this paste is that it can take up to two weeks to kill all of your roaches.

Baking Soda Paste – Baking soda will poison roaches, although it will take some time to kick in. The roaches will take the paste back to their nests on their feet, where other roaches will come in contact with it or ingest it. It’s an effective way to kill a nest, and you probably have baking soda in your kitchen already. Simply mix three tablespoons of baking soda with three teaspoons of sugar and three teaspoons of water. Apply the paste to areas where you’ve seen cockroach activity. 

Although home treatment find a temporary cure to keep the cockroaches in the bay, yet they don’t provide long-term solutions to get rid of them completely. In addition, it definitely takes time to control these pests. Apparently, when you go for insecticide sprays or chemical roach killers, they are highly effective in killing pests that seek to invade your home. Let us discuss some of the best roach killers or sprays to get rid of cockroaches

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