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10 Best Repellents to Kill Pesky Dampwood Termites

December 21, 2018

Termite infestations can prove to be nasty and can result in huge losses. They can actually hollow out the wood and make your furniture and other wooden assets useless. They can really initiate a money drain if they happen to infest your wooden as it can cost you high when you plan for a repair or replacement. Thus, it is essential to eliminate any termite infestation.

Here is the list of some of the best products to kill termites instantly. You can use these insecticides and organic products at your home to keep these pesky creatures at bay.

10 Best Repellents to Control Dampwood Termites

1. Jallad Termite Ant Killer Multi Insect Spray Mini Pack Powder

Jallad termite ant killer powder proves to be an effective treatment against dampwood termites. It is one of the best repellents that you can use to keep your house free from termites. It is a gel based repellent which can give relief from the dampwood termites and help in bringing an end to the termite infestation at your house.


  1.    It can serve for a long period for about 45 to 180 days
  2.    They are available in an easy to use format
  3.    They are non-messy products
  4.    They are very effective in killing termites
  5.    It has long lasting effects
  6.    It is a do it yourself solution to take control over the irritating pests
  7.    It does not contain industrial-grade chemicals
  8.    They are safe to use

2. STRATEGI Herbal Termite Repellent Spray

Strategi herbal termite spray is a herbal repellent spray that you can use at all places where you see the termite infestation. They are eco-friendly does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals and can end the havoc created by the termites in your house. This spray is organic and thus are very safe to use at home. It stands as an alternative for other chemical insecticides and is one of the best options to use for dampwood termite treatment. They can be directly sprayed on the termite mud tubes, cupboards, doors and other areas where the dampwood termites happen to infest your house.


  •    It comes in a spray bottle and is thus easy to use
  •    This is made using natural ingredients and therefore are safe to use
  •    They can help in excavating termites from the core
  •    They are so effective and have the power from restricting the eggs to hatch
  •    It is non-toxic in nature


  •    Sometimes the nozzle of the spray bottle may malfunction hampering the spraying efficiency

3. Green dragon’s Natural Termite Spray

Green dragon natural termite spray is an ideal termite repellent spray that is non-toxic and safe to use at home.


  •    They are safe to use
  •    They are non-toxic and odourless
  •    They are made of natural ingredients
  •    They can be used outdoors as well as indoors

4. Green dragon’s Plastic Termite Spray

This green dragon spray is again a safe thing to use at home for excavating the damp wood termites from your home. These are made of organic ingredients and are non-toxic in nature which makes it a safe dampwood treatment method. It can be used indoors, outdoors and is one of the best repellents that can be used for agricultural purposes as well. It can easily penetrate in the wood and kill the dampwood termites.


  •    It is an effective treatment method for killing termites
  •    It can also be used for Formosan termites that are found to build their nest on trees as well
  •    It is non-toxic and thus can be used outside as well as for domestic purposes as well.
  •    It is biodegradable and is therefore safe to use


It is not antifungal

5. No Parking Powerful Bed Bugs & Termites Killer Spray Powder

This powerful termite killer powder is an effective dampwood termite treatment method that you can adopt to stop the termite population at your home. This powder needs to be mixed with water and then emptied out in a bottle spray which can be further used to spray at areas where you happen to find termite infestation. In order to attain 100% results, you can consider using this twice a month for clearing the termite infested areas.


  •    They do not stain or do not leave any spots behind
  •    It is a highly effective repellent that can eliminate the dampwood termites
  •    They are odourless and do not let out any string smell
  •    They are easy to use
  •    They provide effective treatment with flashing effects


It doesn’t comes in a spray bottle and is thus not available in a ready to use format

6. Sujanil Chemo Industries Woodshield Termite Killer

Sujanil termite killer is an effective solution for preventing and getting rid of termite infestations at your home. It can be diluted with water and then can be further sprayed at the places where you happen to find termite mud tubes and other signs of termite infestation such as frass or fecal pellets.


  •    It is a cost-effective dampwood treatment method that you can adopt to free your home from termite infestation
  •    It can also help in preventing termites from further infestation
  •    It can penetrate through the cracks and crevices to provide effective treatment against termites
  •    It works well on wood


This may not be suitable for being used on plywood

7. ND Pest Control Wooden Termite Killer Spray

ND pest control spray is an effective anti-termite spray that is made using neem and tulsi concentrates. This makes it an organic termite spray to be used at home. It makes use of natural ingredients thus you do not need to worry about the safety standards of the product. It can be sprayed on cupboards, doors, furnitures and all such areas that are prone to termite infestation. It has the power and might of completely excavating the termites.


  •    It is a hundred percent natural product
  •    If sprayed at termite infestation places, it will not allow the eggs to hatch
  •    It can be used at all locations
  •    They are easy and safe to use
  •    It provides effective results for termite excavation


Care needs to be taken that it is at all times stored in a cool place

8. Durga Trading Company Bayer Agenda 25EC for Termite Control

This is a non-repellent termiticide which can prove to be very useful for the termite excavation drill. It is an agent that can affect a termite and can spread the effect to the other termites coming in contact as well. It can be diluted with water and then sprayed at areas of termite infestation.


  •    It has a prolonged effect
  •    It is an effective dampwood termite treatment agent

9. PIDILITE Terminator Wood Preservative Spray Pack

Pidilite terminator wood preservative spray can protect your valuable wooden assets and can keep the termite invaders away from infesting your wooden furniture.


  •    It has instant termite killing power which can provide you with immediate solutions.
  •    It is an eco-friendly product and thus can be used at home without worrying about any kind of hazards.
  •    It comes in a ready to use format
  •    It is available in different sizes

So by now, you must have gained a quick insight into the products that you can use for effective termite treatment. So if you are facing the same issues at home, then try out these products at Amazon to get prolonged effects.

Natural Ways to Control Termites

Soapy Water Hack

Soap water can be a very simple thing to make at home, but it has some powerful effects when used at places of termite infestations. The soapy water has the capability of making the outer shells of termites impermeable and ultimately killing them due to breathlessness. You merely need to take soap water and fill it in a spray jar, and you are all ready to use it at places where termites have invaded your home.

Cardboard Trap

Even the cardboard boxes lying in your trash can prove to be one of the effective remedies to control the termite infestation at your home. You can use a wet cardboard box to trap the termites as they are sure to get attracted to such damp places. Once they start building their colonies in the box, you can simply take the box and throw it somewhere or use insecticides to kill them before disposing it off.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is a very effective home remedy that you can use to bring an end to the termite infestation at your home. It is a harmless and eco-friendly way of eliminating the termites. You simply need to pour few drops of clove oil at places where the termites reside, and that is all. The strong smell of clove oil is enough to drive out the termites from their hidings and vacate your place.


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Canola Oil

Canola oil also works out the same hack as of the clove oil. Canola oil can serve to be an effective herbal insecticide that you can use at areas of termite infestation for killing termites within a short span.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth also stands to be very useful in treating termites. It can damage the outer shell of the termites and thus give them a death sentence as it has the power to dehydrate the termites. You merely need to sprinkle it at areas where you are sceptical about termite infestation and you can bring an end to their colonies within no time.

Garlic Oil

Garlic oil also has insecticidal properties and can be used as an effective home remedy solution for excavating the intruders out of your home. A mixture of garlic oil diluted in water with neem oil and tobacco extracts is enough to drive off these pests away from your home. You can take the concentrate in a spray jar and directly spray it at areas of termite infestation.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera has medicinal properties- this is what we think of as soon as we hear of aloe vera. But do you know it can also be an effective remedy to drive off the termites? Yes, you have heard it right; aloe vera can serve as effective as other home remedies to kill the termites. One can merely crush some aloe leaves and apply it at the termite invaded area to get instant results.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is used as a pest control method for various types of pests. There can be nothing as useful as boric acid when you talk in terms of insect removal agents. Boric acid affects the nervous system of the pests and thus can kill them. Same is the case when you plan to use Boric acid for termite termination. Boric acid is non-toxic and is no ways harmful to the humans but can play a very powerful role in killing the dampwood termites.


A mixture of lemon juice and vinegar can serve as an effective home remedy to eliminate the termites from their hideouts. Though very simple to get, but this solution can destroy the termite colonies and prove to be one of the best repellents to repel termites from infesting your home further.

Spray Salt Solution

The salt and water mixture is one of the most basic things that you can find at home and serves to be a natural way to get rid of termite infestations. This solution can directly be sprayed to the infested areas or directly on the termites which can drive them away from your home leaving your home in a termite-free state.


Sunlight is really beneficial for humans as it is a source of vitamin D. But excessive sunlight can pose a danger to the termites. If you find that your wooden belongings are infested by termites, then consider exposing them to sunlight. You will find the termites packing up their bags and vacating from your wooden assets as they cannot tolerate the heat and cannot withstand high temperatures.

So, these were a few natural remedies that you can easily do it yourself at home to excavate the pesky termites off your place.

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