Best Repellents to Kill Thrips: Detailed Buying Guide in 2019

Thrips are potentially catastrophic pests that can inflict massive damage to standing crops as well as vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers. It is essential to get rid of them so that you can control all types of plant injury.

Thrips can reproduce at a fast rate and spread within an area with ease if you do not take proper counter-measures at the right time.

Also, thrips can withstand almost all types of temperature variations and hence eliminating them right away is highly essential.

We take a look here at some of the best repellents to kill thrips so that they can be employed tactically.

Top Repellents on Amazon to Control Thrips

Greenerways OrganicInsecticideBest OrganicInsecticide
  • FEATURESHarmless to bees
    Safe and effective on landscapes.
    Prevents and removes fungus growth
PromisAphid, Thrip,and White Fly Killer Conc. QuartBest Repellent
  • FEATURESProtect plants.
    Helpful for all types of lawn and gardens..
    Safe for use in any environment.
Control Solutions Dominon Tree & Shrub QTBest Thrips Killer
  • FEATURESEasy to Use.
    Controls aphids, foliage feeding thrips...

1.Greenerways OrganicInsecticide

GREENERWAYS ORGANIC Insecticide, Backyard Insect Repellent

It is an organic and natural insect killer concentrate which is used to get rid of the pest effectively. The organic Bud, Thyme, Peppermint, and Cedar oil is natural and it also offers Rosemary and Wintergreen oil so that it is perfect for using in indoor as well as outdoor applications.

You can use the oil for any shrub, foliage, vegetable, ornamental flowering, and even large trees.

Apart from controlling thrips, it is also useful against many other pests and is a broad-spectrum insecticide. It is not at all harmful as it can be friendly for beneficial insects like ladybugs and butterflies. Therefore, you can be sure that your useful insects will be there after you use it within an area.

To get a trial, first, use it on one of the branches of the plant. Wait for a day and then sprinkle it all over the plant. A 1:10 ratio will make a good solution for the start. It is recommendable to try it over a branch before using it extensively in a garden.

Main Benefits

Feature 1

The concentrated GREENERWAYS ORGANIC Insecticide is a ready-to-use solution that has Soy Lecithin and GWO Soap in it.

Feature 2

It has a high concentration of Deionized water which is one of the best repellents to kill thrips.

Feature 3

It also prevents sucking and chewing insects like Mealybugs, aphids, Whiteflies, Moth larvae, Leafminers, Locust, etc.

  • It can effectively kill all thrips within an area.
  • It is friendly to beneficial insects of a garden and does not harm them.
  • You can use it for both indoor and outdoor applications, and you can eliminate many other pests and plant fungus with it.
  • It can be used for all types of plants and trees and hence is the best repellent to kill thrips.
  • You will have to use it repeatedly, and that can be cumbersome.
  • You have to take a trial to know its efficacy.

2.PromisAphid, Thrip,and White Fly Killer Conc. Quart

PromisAphid, Thrip,and White Fly Killer Conc. Quart

Promis can be indeed called the best repellent because it is a broad-spectrum insecticide which will help to eliminate thrips. It is also helpful against other sucking pests like the white fly and aphids.

The product is manufactured using sophisticated techniques and acts on contact only. Therefore, you can stay relaxed for the next generation resistant thrips.

It can protect plants against all types of thrips onslaught. It attacks thrips by making use of their feeding behavior and targets their nervous system. Further, it follows it up and fails the neuron signals leading to their imminent death. It is also helpful for all types of lawn and gardens so that with its regular usage, you will be sure that there are no thrips around. It also destroys carriers of plant viruses providing a double benefit for plants.

On spraying, it exhibits a repellent action so that thrips display a caging activity on infected plants.

The other beneficial insects of a lawn will not be affected by its use. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the best repellents.

Main Benefits

Feature 1

The repellent is safe for use in any environment.

Feature 2

If you have kids and pets at home, you can be sure that it will not harm them in any way.

Feature 3

You can also use it as per your convenience in your garden.

  • It eliminates thrips by targeting on their nervous system.
  • You can use it for all types of plants.
  • It also helps to get rid of plant viruses and other pests and harmful insects.
  • You have to spray it regularly within an area.
  • For a farm, it may not be the best suited as you will have to follow-up regularly.


3.Control Solutions Dominon Tree & Shrub QT

Control Solutions Dominon Tree & Shrub QT

You can use Control Solutions Dominon Tree & Shrub QT for controlling thrips, and it is also one of the chosen products in this class. No doubt, it also qualifies for the best repellent to kill thrips as it can effectively eliminate all of them.

It works systematically to control insects and also helps to prevent a new infestation. You do not have to spray it.

Only mix it in water in the right proportion and pour at the base of the plant. A 32 ounce of the product is capable of treating 640 square feet of vegetables.

Main Benefits

Feature 1

It is a rainproof solution. Therefore, you need not worry if you have to apply it even during the rainy season.

Feature 2

Moreover, it can also eliminate aphids, leafhoppers, whiteflies and a lot of other harmful pests and insects.

  • It is required in minimal quantities to treat an area.
  • You do not have to spray the product repeatedly.
  • It is a rainproof solution. You can use it during the rainy season on plants and trees.
  • You may achieve the desired result after a considerable time.


4.ConserveSCInsecticide – 1 Quart

ConserveSCInsecticide – 1 Quart

It is an eco-friendly and fast acting pesticide to remove harmful thrips from all types of flowers, veggies, and herbs.

The active ingredient of this repellent is Spinosad. They make it by fermenting naturally occurring organisms.

It provides the dual benefits of biological pest control and efficacy of synthetic insecticides, without none of them being present in it. Due to all these features, you can quickly consider it to be one of the best repellents to kill thrips.

Use this insecticide once or twice a week so that you can control all types of Thrips as you can expect results from it within one to three days. You can also eliminate other pests with it like Eastern Tent Caterpillars and Leafminers. It is a non-phytotoxic insecticide for turfgrasses and labeled ornamentals.

Main Benefits

Feature 1

Spinosad is useful because it kills thrips while at the same time, it is non-toxic.

Feature 2

When you spray Conserve on a pest, it will either die due to ingesting the liquid or merely due to coming in contact with it.

Feature 3

It has a unique mode of action and is IPM compatible along with many resistance management programs.

Feature 4

You have to spray it over the infested plant, and there is no worry of it harming you in any way. It is also a perfectly safe option for children and any household pets. Therefore, it is there in this list of the best repellent because it has all the properties needed for it.

  • You can see thrip control within one to three days.
  • It is safe for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • It is useful against many other types of pests.
  • You have to reapply it at regular intervals in a week for getting the desired result.
  • The price of this insecticide is slightly on the higher side.

5.OlsonProductsInc. The Original Stiky Strip 3″x 5″ Yellow (100pack)

OlsonProductsInc. The Original Stiky Strip 3″x 5″ Yellow (100pack)

It is a sticky strip repellent that you can use to get rid of thrips. It is also useful against many other types of pests like Flies, Fungus Gnats, Aphids, and Leaf Miners, etc.

It is a completely safe and non-toxic way of getting rid of thrips. The manufacturers of this product have a rich experience of 35 years through extensive research with leading Entomologists in the field.

Therefore, you get a UV resistant adhesive that will take care of your lawn and garden in the best possible manner of getting rid of many annoying pests. It is a 3-inch X 5-inch yellow trap with adhesive on both sides. You can get it in a pack of 25 or 100, as you wish.

There is no side-effect of the product, and you can use it easily.

Main Benefits

Feature 1

The repellent need not be sprayed, sprinkled or poured anywhere on a plant.

Feature 2

You can place the strips in a garden at strategic points where you may feel that the concentration of pests is high. They will get trapped by its adhesive and finally get killed.

Feature 3

It is a convenient way of getting rid of thrips.

  • You need not make your hands dirty by using a liquid of any type.
  • It can be placed anywhere within an area.
  • It is helpful against other pests also.
  • The process of using strips may not be helpful for a severely infested area.
  • You will have to always keep a watch on it.


How to Choose the Best Repellent to Kill Thrips?

Selecting the best repellent to kill thrips can be a very dicey issue. In the market, there are many options available, and you have to choose the best of them all.

If your thrip infestation is not that massive, you can always go with an insect adhesive strip. These are insect traps, just like flypaper which can help you to catch most of the free-flying bugs that may be around. They can get glued to the strips, and all your concerns will be taken care of in this way.

You can also eradicate thrips without using any hard chemicals by taking help of solutions made from neem oil, potassium soap and other organic liquids. You can also use rotenone and pyrethrins but be careful with pyrethrin as it can be highly toxic for bees. All of these products are available in the liquid form, and you can spray them over an infested area.

Spinosad is an organic pesticide that is created by fermenting specific types of soil bacteria. It is also a natural option and is quite harmless for kids and pets. You can easily use it at the roots of a plant or utilize it as a topical spray. However, one demerit of spinosad is that it can retain its property for only 24 hours after you mix it with water. Therefore, you have to be cautious while using it. Anyway, for severe infestation in an area, it can work well.

There is also an option of using chemical-based sprays. You may have to use this option when all others may have failed. It can have beautiful results in eliminating the bug, but at the same time, you have to be cautious regarding other aspects too. A chemical-based spray should not kill helpful insects and bacteria that will help you in your garden.

Looking at all the options mentioned above, it is clear that an organic repellent is better suited for the purpose until and unless there is an emergency. It also depends on your garden area and the type of infestation that you may be facing.

For choosing the best repellent to kill thrips, you must consider all these factors before taking a decision.

Pick the Proper Repellants for You

Best Repellent to Kill Thrips

There are many varieties of repellents that are available in the market. Once you have decided to use the a good repellent you must know how to use it. Some of them are in the strip form while others may be available in solid powder form.

The best option that is available these days appears to be the liquid form as more people are comfortable with it. A user has to make a solution in water using a liquid and get the mixture sprayed extensively over infested plants. In most cases, the process needs to be repeated at least twice a week so that best results are available.

People are also getting extremely comfortable using organic repellents so that there is no side-effect and you can retain all other benefits of friendly organisms of a garden.

Whichever repellent you choose finally, it is essential to understand how it works and how to use it most efficiently. Therefore, when you select the a repellent, you should know how to extract the most from it. It will give you the maximum satisfaction of using the repellent satisfactorily.

Why Should We Buy the Thrip Repellent?

When you desire to get a repellent against thrips, it is imperative to purchase a good product so that you can experience all its benefits. There are many such repellents available in the market but getting the right one can depend on individual factors including the nature of infestation, an area of a garden or farm and any other specific consideration that you make for a purchase.

Also, getting the best repellent is necessary so that you can experience the best facilities of your farm or garden produce. It will help you to get rid of all infestation within a short time, and you can focus yourself on the primary objective. Also, there will be no thrips around for causing a nuisance to plants.

Moreover, the best repellents which are available today also help in neutralizing other pests and harmful organisms. Therefore, this type of repellent can take care of many different types of application, and a purchase will stay satisfactory.

Matters Which Need Attention While Buying

Matters Which Need Attention While Buying

If you want to buy the best repellents to kill thrips, it is essential to consider the plants for which you are planning it. Moreover, you should also look at your garden or farm layout and whether you will be able to spray or spread it out correctly.

If you intend to use it for large trees, spraying may not always be a feasible option, and you will have to turn to something that can be applied to its roots readily.

Most repellents have instructions written on them, but, by chance you do not have the instructions, then it is always a wise idea to solicit advice from the manufacturer.

Do not try to use a repellent on your own as that may prove to be detrimental for the plants. It is also advisable to carry out a small trial before using it entirely on any plant or tree.

Also, the cost is always a factor. The repellents to kill thrips are not still costly, but if you are planning to use it for large plants or trees or maybe an entire area, then you may have to spend a bit more.


After looking at all the aspects and the different options that are available, the Greenerways Organic Insecticide seems to be the best choice and is undoubtedly the best product. It has maximum benefits for the purpose and is useful against many other types of pests also. Moreover, it is price-effective, and you can get the best value for money from it.

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