Best Repellents to Get Rid of Psyllids (2019 Reviews)

Psyllids are the terms used for the insects which suck plant juice. These insects are really small, and thus adult psyllids look like miniature cicadas. They generally have a secretion which they use to cover the body, and this is referred to as lerps.

This helps them to hide from their predators. These insects are also called jumping plant lice, and there are more than 160 species which can be found in California itself. The species attack Olive, citrus, potato, pear and tomato plants. Each of these species feeds only on one kind of plant species or those plants which closely resemble that plant species which it generally is found to habitat.

The psyllids which are pests are usually the ones which are the exotic varieties, and these make up around 11 % of the California psyllid species itself.

The reason why the Psyllid (buying guide) is a necessity and why people search for the best repellents to get rid of psyllid is due to the fact that these pests suck the plant juice and they also excrete a kind of honeydew which is viscous and sticky and which is the cause for shoot mould.

This shoot mould is black in color. These pests as they suck out the nutrients of the plants, they retard the growth of the plant, and they also are known to cause the leaves to get distorted as well as get discolored. Due to the decrease in the number of nutrients, the leaves drop prematurely and the excretion, as well as the secretions, gave out by psyllids can damage property as well as plants.

The plants look diseased, and the growth  of the plant is retarded. The terminals of the plant when they are infested could also dry away and wither. These are not only aesthetically distasteful to look at but also are a detriment to the wellbeing and health of the plant in general.

This Psyllid buying guide and review informs you not only of the best repellents to get rid of psyllid but also what psyllid is in the first place and what damage it causes.

8 Best Repellents to Get Rid of Psyllid

Greenerways organic insecticide
  • FEATURESHarmless to bees
    Safe and effective
    Prevents and removes fungus growth
The liquid green Garden soap potassium
UP Star Gold insecticide
  • FEATURES Kill and get rid of all kinds of insects
    Very effective

1. Greenerways organic natural insect killer and backyard repellant concentrate

Greenerways organic insecticide

As the name suggests, this is a completely organic insecticide and is a natural insect killer concentrate which has no GMR and is non-toxic can be used this not only keeps away psyllids but also beetles, mosquitoes and Cockroaches, wasps, spiders, cabbage worm, ticks, thrips, caterpillars, armyworms, slugs, snails and even mites.

This is also harmless to those that are beneficial pollinators such as bees, and they can be safely as well as effectively used on backyards and lawns. This also removes the growth of fungus.

2. The liquid green Garden soap potassium for plants organic spray detergent

The liquid green Garden soap potassium

This is made of vegetable raw materials, for example, Sunflower oil. It is also biodegradable, and it does not harm either the environment or human beings. This is good for organic farming, and it is used for cherry, pears, plums, grapes, berry bushes, tomatoes, cucumbers and any of the vegetables which are grown in the open soil.


3. UP Star Gold insecticide

UP Star Gold insecticide

This insecticide is used to kill and get rid of all kinds of insects such as psyllids and Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, crickets, and fire ants.

This contains bifenthrin, and it is very effective for getting rid of these pests. This is a broad spectrum insecticide and it not only is cost-effective, but it is very economical to use as well.



4. Transtect Dinotefuran 70%

Transtect Dinotefuran 70%

The transect is packaged in water-soluble and easy to use packets. This insecticide control insect which both have a hard shell as well as soft shells. This controls Adelgid infestations on trees, longhorned borers, flathead borers, sawflies, psyllids, whiteflies and soft scales among others. This can be used for the basal trunk.


5. Safer’s Insecticidal soap concentrate

Safer’s Insecticidal soap concentrate

The safers insecticidal soap concentrate controls all kinds of spider mites, earwigs, mealybugs and more. The way this works is that the insects protective coating is broken down and that causes the insect to dehydrate and then die.

This is different from dishwashing soap, and it is made with fatty acids so that insects are killed. This can be used on crops as well as on trees, shrubs, flowers ornamental plants. It can also be used on houseplants as well.

The 500ml bottle needs to be mixed with water so that 25 litres of spray can be made from it this needs to be applied weekly for two to three weeks for you to get rid of all the insects.


6.Bonide O24 Concentrateneem oil insect repellant

Bonide O24 Concentrateneem oil insect repellant

This is a natural insecticide, and this is available not only as an insecticide but also a fungicide as well as the miticide. This is made of oil which is derived from the Neem seed, and all stages of insects, as well as larvae, eggs or even adult insects, are killed by this. This can be sprayed on to the plants.

This also gives a Shine to all the leaf surfaces, and it is used for those who do organic farming. All that needs to be done is 2 tablespoons of this oil needs to be mixed with a gallon of water.


7.Kontos ornamental insecticide/miticide

Kontos ornamental insecticide/miticide

This is used to control all kinds of insects and pests which are there in nurseries as well as in greenhouses. These provide control to the nut as well as fruit trees in addition to vegetables, plants and other ornamentals.

This consists of a formula which is present in the concentrated form. This being systemic will move through the xylem and the phloem of the tissues, and that helps protect the stem, bark, root, shoot, leaf, and bud.

This ingredient is taken through the ingestion, and all kinds of pests such as the whiteflies, psyllids, aphids, adelgids, mealybugs, rust mites, leafhoppers and more are eradicated. This is used with a fogger. Just a single teaspoon is to be used with a whole gallon, and in case a pump sprayer is being used then just half a teaspoon is to be used in a full gallon of water.


8.Bonide chemical 802 Bacillus Thuricide Liquid

Bonide chemical 802 Bacillus Thuricide Liquid

This is used to control all kinds of loppers, hornworms, cabbage worms, leaf folders, caterpillars, psyllids, leaf rollers, etc.

This is a great product as it does not harm beneficial insects. This is safe even if one has kids or pets. However, if kept in sunlight it tends to lose its potency.


Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Repellents to Get Rid of Psyllids

1. User friendliness

You first need to see if you will be able to use the product or not. If it is hard to use the product or to follow the directions, then however effective the product is, it will prove to be ineffective as it will be inefficiently used.

You should also read carefully what are the instructions not only on how to make the product or how to dilute it or how to use it effectively but also what needs to be done before using the product.

For example, cleaning the surface or the way you should use the product –  whether it should be injected to the soil or it should be directly sprayed on the leaves or whether it is meant for that kind of plant or not.

There are some best repellents to get rid of psyllids, but they are more suited for Woody plants. Whereas other best repellants to get rid of psyllids are suitable for new shoots, and therefore you should only pick up the product which will suit your requirement completely.

There are some of these repellants which need to be sprayed on only during certain times of the day. Others need to be diluted in certain quantities in order to have an effect.

2. Can it kill the pest immediately?

Best Repellents to Get Rid of Psyllids

This is very important. If you want to kill these psyllids immediately, then a better method would be to spray on the foliage directly rather than to inject the soil with it because there is a huge time lag between you injecting it into the soil and the insects or pests dying as a result of it.

However, if you directly put it on the foliage, you will see an immediate reaction to your action which is done. However, not all of these repellents can be sprayed onto the foliage directly. Some need to be injected into the soil for it to have an effect. Therefore, the method of using these repellants are very important as well.

3. You need to see whether it is effective when you are using it

There are some of the best repellants to get rid of psyllids which only get rid of the eggs or the larvae or the adults. However, you need to see if the repellent is effective for the infestation which you have.

There are some which are useful only for adults some which only affect the larval stage or the egg stage, and therefore you need to be sure that the killer product which you buy will suit your needs and kill not only the adults but also the eggs as well as the larvae.

The reason why it is necessary to kill the eggs and the larvae is that these will grow and thrive if not killed and you will only get rid of a temporary problem however if you kill the eggs and larvae then you will permanently see the end of the problem.

4. You need to consider how long this impact will be

whether you need to repeat the procedure every week or do you need to do it every two or three weeks and therefore based on your time period and on your availability as well as how much of time and energy you can devote to solving the issue at hand, you should be able to choose the product.

Some just need one application, and you are done. That saves your time in the long run.

5. You need to verify how much of area it will cover

There are some of these repellents which only cover a small area, or because of the exorbitant cost, you will not be able to use it over a large area.

There are other best repellants to get rid of psyllids however which are more cost effective and therefore if you have a large area which you need to cover or if you are tight on your budget then you should choose the one which is more cost-effective.

6. Are there any health risks which can be caused?

Some of the repellants can pose health risks and thus using these methods of repellants for vegetables and other fruit, or edible plants are not advisable.

Therefore, based on the health effect of using them and based on the kind of plant which it has infested, you should choose the correct repellent.

7. Whether the repellents are harmful to pets as well as kids?

If you have kids or pets and these will be near the plants that are affected by psyllids, you need to choose a repellant which does not harm human beings or has ill effects on pets as well.

You also need to choose or repellent which will not hurt or harm beneficial pollinators such as bees as and you should choose the ones which do not harm the environment too.

8. Organic vs. chemical

Some people who want to organically farm, would not prefer to use Chemicals and therefore will only choose to use other products which are natural in nature and natural insecticide as well as pesticides other than going the chemical route.

This may even be choosing those pesticides which are more expensive or less effective. Even though chemical ones could be cheaper and show immediate effects, but due to the fact that they are not organic products, people may not choose them.

How do You Manage These Psyllids?

Best Repellents to Get Rid of Psyllids

In this psyllid buying guide, you will see that there are various ways and means of managing these pests.

Before you rush to buy the Best Repellents to Get Rid of Psyllids here are some things to consider 

1. Things to Consider

One way of controlling these pests is by not bringing in plants a seed or fruit or even soil or wood products into the area unless they are certified as pest-free insects, and they have been inspected by experts.

They can also be managed by cleaning up and getting rid of or removing the infested material.

It can also be managed by only buying plants which are pest free.

2. Monitoring of Psyllids

Most of the damage caused by psyllids are aesthetic in appearance, and the amount of damage depends to a very large extent on the attitude as well as knowledge of the person as well as the situation and the species which are attacked as well as the location and also the kind of psyllids.

There are different ways you can take control as well as monitor these psyllids and some of these are:

3. Using Sticky Traps

Yellow sticky traps can be hung onto the plants which are infested, and this is done so that the adult psyllids can be captured. After the yellow sticky traps are hung, the adults get attracted to the yellow color, and due to the stickiness of the traps, they get stuck to the traps and thus get captured.

When this is monitored regularly, one is made aware of whether the pests are increasing or decreasing. If they are on the rise, then adequate action can be taken in terms of insecticide or other means which can be read about in this Psyllid buying guide. This will also list the Best repellents to get rid of psyllids. 

4. Foliage beating

Foliage can be beaten first by placing a light colored container below. This is done so that the adults are dislodged. These can be inspected and monitored regularly to see whether these are getting more abundant and what level of control is needed. The foliage beating is a method to see and inspect if the repellant which is used also has the desired effect and the potency of the repellant can be tested by this method.


At the end of this psyllid buying guide and review, it is hoped that you have got an insight into the best repellents to get rid of the psyllid and this will go a long way in helping you to choose which is the best repellent which you can get for yourself. The products which are mentioned in this meet most of the requirements which people to have and these products are developed and are specifically formulated to kill the psyllids as well as other parasites during their entire life cycle.

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