Best Lice Combs to Clear Your Head

Head lice are tiny wingless insects that are prone to hairy areas on the human body including eyelashes, eyebrows, and pubic regions. However, they are most commonly found on the head. These insects feed on human blood and cause mild to extreme itchiness that can lead to bumps and sores.

The bad news is that lice are incredibly contagious and can be transferred to other heads quite easily once they are fully grown.

The good news is that there is a simple and easy cure for how to remove head lice and that is the head lice comb! These combs come in different variations, shapes, sizes, and colors.

We’ve compiled a list of the best nit combs and head lice combs that will help you get rid of lice in no time!

Our Top Ten 8 Best Lice Comb Reviews

best lice combs

Head lice are tiny wingless insects that are prone to hairy areas on the human body including eyelashes, eyebrows, and pubic regions. However, they are most commonly found on the head. These insects feed on human blood and cause mild to extreme itchiness that can lead to bumps and sores.

The bad news is that lice are incredibly contagious and can be transferred to other heads quite easily once they are fully grown.

The good news is that there is a simple and easy cure for how to remove head lice and that is the head lice comb! These combs come in different variations, shapes, sizes, and colors.

We’ve compiled a list of the best nit combs and head lice combs that will help you get rid of lice in no time!

WelComb Lice and Nit Removal CombBest Removal Comb
  • FEATURESNon-chemical
    Low Cost
RobiComb Electric Lice CombBest Electric Lice Comb
  • FEATURES Use for your entire family
    Easy to use
    Lifetime guarantee
MEILIJIA Gritty Nit CombBest Professional Stainless Steel Comb
  • FEATURES2 pack
    High quality
    Durable stainless steel

1. WelComb Lice and Nit Removal Comb

WelComb Lice and Nit Removal Comb


  • Manufacturer: WelComb


WelComb believes that the key to correct treatment of lice is to use the right comb. Their combs are designed to slip under your hair and pick up even the smallest .3mm-wide nits. The beveled edge, the rigid teeth, and the easy to use design all make it a classic, simple comb that is effective at getting its job done.

  • No gaps in the comb mean that lice will not be missed
  • Easy to use
  • Glides through hair without breaking strands
  • Removes nits and lice that are difficult to see
  • Overuse can hurt the scalp


2. RobiComb Electric Lice Comb

RobiComb Electric Lice Comb


  • Manufacturer: LiceGaurd
  • Customer Rating: 9 out of 5 stars


RobiComb is an electric lice comp that detects lice and kills them using a tiny electric charge that is completely safe for humans. Robicomb reviews all seem to sing praise for how well the tool works to remove lice effectively due to its non-toxic technology. You can also be assured that the lice will be killed before you remove them which is not something that can be said for other, manual combs.

  • Easy design meant to fit into the hand
  • Microcharge technology zaps lice without hurting kids
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • FDA registered and clinically proven
  • Requires batteries
  • Cannot be used on wet hair unlike other lice combs
  • Doesn’t work well if you only have a few lice
  • The comb is very sensitive to product buildup in hair and can give false indicators of lice


3. MEILIJIA  Gritty Nit Comb

MEILIJIA Gritty Nit Comb


  • Manufacturer: MEILIJIA
  • Customer Rating: 9 out of 5 stars


This is hands down one of the best nit combs on the market. The comb boasts long, spiraled metal teeth that make grabbing on to the smallest nits so much easier. It also gives a better grip, making this a good option for people with fine hair who struggle with combs slipping through their hair.

  • Anit-slip grip design to keep the comb sturdy in your hand
  • Micro-grooved teeth meant to pick out lice with more efficiency
  • Made with high quality, durable stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion
  • Can miss lice sometimes due to the spacing of the teeth
  • Tips of the comb are sharp and can be uncomfortable for kids
  • Not very efficient at picking out smaller eggs


4.  V-Comb Electric Head Lice Comb


V-Comb Electric Head Lice Comb

  • Manufacturer: B-Comb
  • Customer Rating: 2 out of 5 stars



This nifty electric lice comb is the answer to all your lice related worries! Instead of sitting around combing through your hair or your family’s hair for hours, you can rely on the V-Comb’s suction technology that uses suction to trap and kill the pesky insects in the Capture Filter. Just throw the filter away once you’re done for a quick, hygienic alternative to the disposal of your lice.

  • Simple to use with lice vacuum technology that traps lice and eggs.
  • Works on super lice that are resistant to chemical treatments
  • Detection technology can help identify lice at any stage
  • Less effective on wet hair
  • Requires frequent refills for the filters
  • Power button placement means accidental switch offs are common


5. Ancable Stainless Stell Comb

Ancable Stainless Stell Comb


  • Manufacturer: Ancable
  • Customer Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


It can be difficult to locate lice with your naked eyes because they’re such pesky little creatures. The built-in magnifier on this comb helps you locate even the smallest nits and lice for efficient removal. The addition of the cleaning brush also ensures that you are better able to remove the lice and nits from the comb and prevent it from being re-transferred to your head.

  • Equipped with a magnifier to help identify lice and eggs
  • Comes with a brush cleaner to help clean lice comb
  • Teeth are durable and do not ‘pop out’ like flimsier combs
  • Sharp teeth can make children uncomfortable


6. SelfTek Double Sided Lice Comb

SelfTek Double Sided Lice Comb


  • Manufacturer: SelfTek
  • Customer Rating: 1 out of 5 stars


These simple double ended lice combs offer you two different types of comb – one finer than the other. This means that you are better able to remove lice of all sizes. The finer comb works at removing stubborn nits while the wider comb picks up bigger fully grown lice.

  • Double sided with differently spaced combs for more versatility and efficiency
  • Works on dry and wet hair alike
  • Can be used on pets too
  • Teeth are prone to breakage
  • Can be irritating to the scalp
  • The opposite end of comb can get tangled in hair while combing, especially with curly hair


7. Start Stainless Steel Metal Lice Comb

Start Stainless Steel Metal Lice Comb


  • Manufacturer: Start
  • Customer Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


This stainless steel comb is perfect for use on both wet and dry hair. It has long teeth and a comfortable, sturdy grip to make combing through your hair much easier. It can be easily washed after combing to ensure that all lice and nits are carefully removed.

  • Long teeth on the comb make it suitable for all types of hair
  • Anti-slip design on the handle for better grip
  • Rounded teeth protect the scalp from irritation and damage
  • The spacing of the teeth can make it difficult to catch smaller lice and eggs
  • Difficult to use on fine hair


8. LC860 Electronic Lice Comb

LC860 Electronic Lice Comb

  • Manufacturer: LC860


The LC860 comb is another great electric lice comb that kills lice through electric impulses while combing through the hair. It is a pain-free, chemical free, nontoxic solution to get rid of lice faster than it would take to comb through manually over and over again. However, you will still need to ensure that you are cleaning out the comb between brushings to keep from re-contamination.

  • Can be used on humans and bets alike
  • Administers electric impulses to zap lice
  • Gentle on the hair
  • Easy to grip design thanks to the handle
  • Requires batteries to operate
  • Smaller comb surface than other options on the market


9. Lice Treatment Kit 

Lice Treatment Kit

  • Manufacturer: Lice Clinic


Lice Clinic’s Lice Treatment Kit gives you everything you need to treat and get rid of lice. Most importantly, it includes a comb and a special brush/comb combo that makes treatment application a breeze.

This is the same lice kit that’s used in clinics across the world. But it’s made for convenient at-home use. 

A topical liquid is added to the comb’s cartridge, and the liquid can be applied while combing the hair. It eliminates lice in just two applications. 

The kit comes with both a nit comb and a no-mess applicator. 

  • A complete kit that includes a nit comb and liquid treatment
  • Comb applicator makes it easy to apply treatment
  • Gets rid of lice in just two applications
  • Easy to use
  • Makes hair greas


10. Terminator Lice and Nit Comb

Terminator Lice and Nit Comb

  • Manufacturer: Fairy Tales


Fairy Tales’ Terminator lice comb has been shown to be 300% more effective than other nit combs on the market. This comb has long, metallic teeth with microscopic edges in a tight spiral form.

The teeth are designed to drag nits out while destroying them in the process.

The rounded edges of the teeth help protect the scalp and make combing as comfortable as possible.

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and is highly durable. The anti-slip bands make it easy and comfortable to use this comb. It’s also easy to clean, too.

You can use the Terminator comb alone or in combination with lice treatment products.  

  • Specially designed spiral teeth kill and remove nits
  • Anti-slip bands make it easy and comfortable to use this comb
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Comb gets stuck in thick hair because the teeth are so close together


11. Herklin Terminator Nit Comb

Herklin Terminator Nit Comb

  • Manufacturer: Herklin


Affordable and easy to use, the Herklin Terminator comb has a similar design to the one made by Fairy Tales.

Stainless steel components are durable and resistant to corrosion. You can easily sterilize this comb for re-use and cleaning. This comb also has anti-slip grips that make it easy to hold it for long periods of time. 

  • Stainless steel teeth for durability and strength
  • Easily pulls out lice and nits
  • Easy to sterilize and clean
  • Sharp teeth edges can pull out hair


12. LiceMeister Lice and Nit Comb

LiceMeister Lice and Nit Comb

  • Manufacturer: LiceMeister


A uniquely designed lice and nit comb that can easily be boiled for reuse. LiceMeister’s comb is a great alternative to chemical lice treatments and for kids that are “at risk.”

Durable and high-quality, this comb has a smooth handle design with smooth teeth to prevent snags and cuts. This comb can be used while the hair is wet, dry or damp.

What’s nice about this comb is that includes the NPA’s Educational Critter Card, which shows parents what to look for when treating or preventing lice. It also shows parents how to tell the difference between nits and usual hair debris.  

  • Can be boiled for sanitation and reuse
  • Smooth teeth prevent snags and cuts
  • Includes an educational card for lice identification
  • Not ideal for fine or thin hair


13. Nix 2-Sided Lice Comb

Nix 2-Sided Lice Comb

  • Manufacturer: Nix


Nix is one of the most recognized and respected brands in the lice comb industry. In fact, it’s the #1 pediatrician-recommended brand for lice treatment. 

Their 2-sided lice comb is ideal for complete lice removal because it works for different hair types.

  • The small tooth side is ideal for straight hair, and for removing lice and their eggs.
  • The wider tooth side is ideal for tight curls, snarls and tangles.

The large, wide-grip handle is comfortable to hold, even for long periods of time. 

While the comb can be used on its own to treat lice, Nix recommends using their creme rinse or 2-in-1 lice treatment products for best results.

  • Has two comb sides for use with different hair types
  • Made by the #1 doctor recommended brand for lice treatment
  • Large grip handle is comfortable
  • Gets snagged in thick hair


14. 5-Piece Lice Comb Kit

5-Piece Lice Comb Kit

  • Manufacturer: Mars Wellness


This five-piece lice comb kit gives you the tools you need to tackle your lice problem. 

With this kit, you receive:

  • 2, 100% stainless steel combs for removal of nits and lice eggs
  • 1 plastic grooming comb
  • 1 debris cleaning brush
  • 5x magnifier to locate eggs and nits

There’s a long-tooth comb and a short-tooth comb included in this kit. Both are made of stainless steel, and they have rounded edges to prevent snags and cuts. 

The long-tooth comb is ideal for removing nits from the length of the hair, while the short-tooth comb removes nits and eggs at the scalp. 

The debris cleaner brush can be used to remove eggs, nits and other debris from between the teeth of the combs. 

  • Includes multiple combs to tackle lice problems
  • Has a magnifier to identify eggs
  • Smooth teeth prevent snags and cuts
  • Combs are smaller than expected


15. Evict Comb

Evict Comb

  • Manufacturer: Lice Ladies


The Evict comb features durable stainless steel teeth that are carefully set in a tightly-sealed polypropylene hard plastic handle. 

The comb’s teeth have special circular (not spiral) grooves that are spaced at specific intervals to snag lice and nits more effectively than other combs. The design of the comb teeth make it easy to remove nits and lice without snagging or causing discomfort.

  • Circular grooves make it easy to remove lice and nits without pain
  • Tightly-sealed handle to prevent bacteria growth
  • Stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Teeth are not as tightly spaced as others


16. One and Done Lice Treatment

One and Done Lice Treatment

  • Manufacturer: Ladibugs


The One and Done lice treatment kit includes a durable lice and nit comb as well as liquid treatments to help get rid of lice for good. The liquid treatments even work to kill super lice which are resistant to other lice treatments. It’s chemical-free, too, and only uses natural essential oils to kill lice.

The mint serum is simply sprayed onto the hair and scalp, and it will effectively suffocate the lice. The mousse product is designed to prevent re-infestation by eliminating the egg and nit. 

The Ladibugs Lice Comb features a layer of staggered length to effectively remove lice and nits while creating less drag when combing the hair. The handle’s ridges create a non-slip grip that makes it easy to hold and use the comb – even for long periods of time.

  • A complete lice removal kit with natural liquid treatment
  • Comb has staggered teeth for easy nit and lice removal
  • Comfortable anti-slip grip
  • You have to buy the whole kit


17. Schooltime Lice and Nit Comb

Schooltime Lice and Nit Comb

  • Manufacturer: Schooltime


Schooltime’s lice and nit comb has been clinically proven to be 100% effective at removing nits. This reusable comb can be easily cleaned, and it has an ergonomically designed handle for comfortable use.

The comb comes with instructions in both English and Spanish for added convenience.

The comb’s teeth have tapering lengths and they feature a straight-edge design for easy nit removal.

  • Reusable comb
  • Straight-edge, tapered-length teeth for easy nit removal
  • Instructions are in English and Spanish
  • Highly affordable
  • Grip isn’t as comfortable as other combs


Criteria for Selecting the Best Lice Combs for Your Hair

Comb Type

There are two types of combs available on the market; electronic and manual. Both have their own merits and demerits. Lice comb reviews across the internet suggest that there is no set preference that people hold regarding the type of combs used.

Manual combs require no additional batteries or replacements to function and are simple and easy to use. On the other hands, electronic combs come equipped with technology that helps to detect and remove lice more efficiently.

Hair Type

You should keep your hair type in mind when selecting the correct lice comb for your hair. Straight, fine hair will be easier to comb through than curlier, thick hair. For the latter, it is easier to comb through in wet hair to prevent the comb from getting stuck. However, if you were to buy an electronic comb, you would not be able to use it as effectively on wet hair.

Similarly for fine hair, if you buy a comb with widely spaced teeth, you’ll end up letting lice and nits ‘slip’ away and could do with something that is more efficient such as an electronic comb.

Material of the Comb

Wood, plastic, stainless steel, and metal are all commonly used materials for lice combs. You should carefully consider which one works best for your hair before you select a comb. For younger people, softer materials such as wood or plastic would work better than the prickly edges of metal or steel. Some studies, however, show that metal combs are more efficient at removing lice than compared to plastic variations.

There is also the question of durability; certain teeth on combs are prone to breakage or bending especially on plastic combs. If you have textured hair that is difficult to brush through, you’d want to get a comb that is sturdier and less likely to break or bend during usage.


An important aspect of selecting the right comb to assist head lice removal is the accuracy and ease of the comb’s grip. If you have a comb that easily slips from your hands or is uncomfortable and difficult to grip, you will not be able to efficiently comb through your hair.

Choose combs that have a good gripping mechanism or handle to make combing easier and more efficient.

Teeth Spacing

The ‘teeth’ of your comb are an important determinant of its effectiveness. Widely spaced teeth will be less likely to pick out smaller lice and their eggs (nits). Beveled, rigid teeth that are finely spaced are usually the most effective at catching the lice and preventing them from slipping back out.

User Guide for How to Use Lice Combs

There is no set guide to using lice combs, as the method varies with the type of comb you are using and whether you’re combing your hair wet or dry.

For Dry Combing

If you are going to comb your hair while it’s dry, you will want to begin by detangling it. This can be done using a hairbrush or a wide-toothed comb. By making sure there are no knots in your hair, you will allow the lice comb to easily glide through your hair and prevent it from catching and tugging at any knots.

Divide your hair into smaller sections and run your lice comb from the nape of your neck, moving upwards. After every swipe, make sure to wipe off the lice and nits on a tissue paper.

If you are using an electric lice-comb, follow all the instructions above with the addition of switching on your device before you begin combing!

For Wet Combing

Wet combing is similar to dry combing – it just begins by washing your hair out thoroughly and cleaning away any product buildup that you may have. Detangle your hair using a hairbrush or wide-toothed comb. Part your hair into sections and comb through each from the crown to the tip, cleaning your comb as you go along.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do lice comb work to get rid of lice?

Yes, they do. Lice combs are an efficient chemical-free method for removing lice. They are safe, easy to use, and bear no risk unlike other options on the market like prescriptive drugs, chemical laden shampoos, and over-the-counter products claiming to kill lice.

What’s the difference between regular combs and lice combs?

Lice combs are specially designed with narrow spacing to get beneath the lice in your hair and remove them even if they are clinging to the hair roots. Regular combs are too widely spaced apart to work properly.

Is combing in wet hair more efficient?

As a rule of thumb, wet combing is slightly more efficient for two reasons; the first is that by washing out your hair you are removing any buildup of product and ensuring that your comb doesn’t get stuck or clogged by-product. Secondly, wet hair is generally easier to detangle and comb through compared to dry hair.

Now that you know which lice combs can help you the most, you can get back to having healthy hair in no time!

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