Top 4 Best Chipmunk Traps to Buy 2019

Chipmunks are little pranksters which run amok and cause massive problems for homeowners. Finding traces of their feces and other remains in cupboards and clothes is an ugly sight. If you’ve located the nest of a chipmunk in your home, then you can take several steps to get rid of it. You can fish these mischievous runners out with effective traps or you can release vicious cats on them. The problem with assailing rodent nests with pets is that it can turn your pets into violent creatures, and do you more harm than good. So out of these two options, the most specialized chipmunk killer is the trap. There are many different traps available in the market, but first you have to take into consideration certain factors regarding the choice of a trap, in order to make an informed choice.

How to Approach Chipmunk Hunting​​​​

If you’ve completely had it with the damage chipmunks have caused to your house, and you’re looking for the best method to catch these chaos creators, read on.

Live Traps are the most humane chipmunk snatchers. They catch them, without causing unnecessary pain. Many people are total amateurs when it comes to setting up chipmunk traps. They lose the plot and take desperate measures to take out these rodents, and only end up exacerbating the situation. Trapping them doesn’t require an advanced degree in animal hunting (I’m pretty sure they don’t hand those out). It’s a fairly simple task that requires a well-constructed trap to pull off the job with flying colors.

Types of Chipmunk Traps

Before proceeding on to the purchasing process, you must first get yourself acquainted with the types of traps.

They are categorized into lethal traps and humane chipmunk traps.

Snap-traps, homemade traps and electrocution traps are the different types of lethal traps. They sentence the chipmunk to a painful death. Homemade traps are ideal for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on a simple thing, such as a chipmunk trap. The tools required for its construction are easily available in homes. It can kill many chipmunks simultaneously, and quickly gain back control of your turf. However, this method of chipmunk killing is amoral. The chipmunk has to undergo excruciating agony, before its soul is allowed to depart into the afterworld. Why choose this method when you have an alternative method that is humane and does the job as well? Yes, I’m alluding to live traps that can be easily set up, and are more importantly a humane solution for your chipmunk problem.

Keep in mind, getting hands on the best chipmunk trap is not a hectic struggle. All it requires is a little research. You have factor in the size of the trap. Its size must restrict the movements of the rodent, and cease its ability to escape. That can only happen if the traps size isn’t too large. However, if you have a massive colony of chipmunks that requires disposing off, then a small trap won’t do.

How to Bait A Chipmunk?

If chipmunks have encroached in your home, stay suave. They don’t hold in them any desire to permanently reside in your home. It’s not their natural environment, and they only form nests when they realize that all of their escape routes have been sealed off. Make sure that all the doors and windows of your home are left open. One more thing that you can do is to cordon them off in a single room, and leave them there for a few hours. Make sure that this room has openings which lead to the outside world. As soon as they spot an opening, they’ll make a run for it. You can also set up bait. Dress up the bait with fruits or peanut butter, as they stimulate a chipmunk’s appetite like no other. If nothing works for you, you can always take the assistance of a professional exterminator, but that is a hefty investment. As I’ve stressed previously, the most effective way of eliminating chipmunks from your home is by using a live chipmunk trap. Different traps work better in different conditions. Depending upon the conditions of your home and chipmunk infestation, your choice might vary.

What Types of Chipmunk Traps Are Most Popular?

Different chipmunk traps have different functionalities, and provide an entirely different user experience. Depending upon your preferences, and the severity of the infestation, you can decide on a chipmunk trap that best suits your needs.

Box enclosures with spring doors
A spring level on the side is the key component of these kinds of traps. As soon as the chipmunk steps inside of the enclosure, the spring activates and closes down the gates, effectively encaging the animal inside.
Electronic traps
Electronic zappers follow the same principle of rodent entrapment as box cages, but are a little more sophisticated. They employ an advanced technique of eliminating rodents. They also have a spring door to trap the pesky chipmunks. Once the animal is inside the cage, jolts of electricity are sent his way to neutralize it.
Bucket and bait mechanisms
These buckets are known as chipmunk bowls of death. A rolling bar is fixed to the upper side of a bucket. The bucket is filled with water. Ramps are rigidly attached to its both sides and peanut butter or some other type of bait is used to tempt the chipmunk. Chipmunks hopelessly make an upward climb towards the bait, and as soon as the bar rolls, they plunge to their death into the shallow waters beneath.
Spring-activated stun/kill 'mousetrap style' traps
In these traps, the chipmunk is allured towards cheese, placed inside a wooden trap. As soon as the chipmunk puts its feet on the spring door, the door instantly shuts down.

Best 4 Chipmunk Traps

Havahart One-Door Animal Trap
  • FEATURESExclusive guillotine style door
    Sturdy handle for user safety
    Internal trap edges
Grandpa Gus's Humane Mouse Traps
  • FEATURES Transparent build
    Simple design
Intruder the Better Rodentrap
  • FEATURESNo blood of the rodent
    Minimal use of bait does the job
    Ease of operation

1. Havahart One-Door Animal Trap

Havahart One-Door Animal Trap

This highly durable trap constructed from galvanized steel is an excellent choice for trapping all kinds of rodents, including chipmunks. In my opinion, it is one of the best chipmunk trappers in the market. It takes down the chipmunk as humanely as possible, without putting it under unnecessary agony. It is quite convenient to use and is tailor made for capturing weasels, chipmunks etc. with minimal complications. Its guillotine-style door is not found on any other trap in the markets, and it can be easily raised from the top to provide safe passage for the animal in time of its release.

Havahart makes the process of chipmunk hunting convenient and fast-paced. It’s safe for both the user and the animal. It has a sturdy handle and door guard to keep you at a safe distance from the animal. A solid door lock encages the animal inside the four walls of the trap, and rolled internal trap edges ensure that no harm is done to the animals, if they make an attempt to escape.

The materials used in the construction of the Havahart trap are of the highest quality. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures and corrosion without breaking a sweat. These traps are built, keeping in mind the capricious behavior of the chipmunks, so you can rest assure that they cover for all contingencies.

  • Exclusive guillotine style door
  • Sturdy handle and door guard for user safety
  • Internal trap edges for the effective scaffolding of the animal
  • Small door that can be dangerous for trappers with large hands.
  • Low trigger sensitivity
  • Risk of larger chipmunks getting stuck because of the small door.


2. Grandpa Gus’s Humane Mouse Traps

Grandpa Gus’s Humane Mouse Traps

This trap promises to be one of the most humane chipmunk solutions on the market. It is made up of a transparent plastic, and has a metal entrance that can only be accessed from the inside. Once the rodent falls into the trap, he can do nothing to force his way out. One of the perks of the transparent plastic casing is that it makes live trap exceptionally safe. The trap also camouflages itself pretty well because of it. A chipmunk eyes the bait, and without further ado pounces on it, unaware that he has landed himself in a transparent trap – simple and witty. To enhance user convenience and ease of use, triggers, coils and magnets have not been incorporated into this device.  It’s extremely lightweight as compared to its rival traps which is also a big plus.

Customers haven’t reported cases of rodent capture in numbers. Also, people have complained that this device is undeniably unsafe for the rodents. Its size doesn’t help its cause either, as customers have deemed it unfit for trapping larger sized chipmunks.

  • Release tunnels to provide safe passage for the rodent
  • Transparent build perfect for camouflaging
  • Simple design and convenience of use
  • Lightweight
  • Moderately effective
  • Doors not big enough to trap larger chipmunks


3. Intruder the Better Rodentrap

Intruder the Better Rodentrap

This trap is no way near humane, but it’s still one of the most effective chipmunk killers on the market. The bait is placed behind the stainless steel spring to lure the rodent towards it. The instant the rodent steps in its jaws of death, it is annihilated mercilessly.

The manufacturers guarantee that there will be no blood, as the jaws will instantly asphyxiate it or break its neck. After this, you will have to dispose of the body, clean the trap, and carry on with the hunting. Small amounts of bait are enough to tempt the rodent, which is great news for frugal customers. This trap is easy to operate and doesn’t entangle you in unnecessary complications. One of the drawbacks of this rodent killer is that it makes the animal writhe in agony. Also, some of customers were unhappy with its lack of sturdiness.

  • No blood of the rodent
  • Minimal use of bait does the job
  • Ease of operation
  • Not a Live trap humane option
  • Susceptible to breakage and damage


4. Hoont Electronic Rodent Trap

Hoont Electronic Rodent Trap

Let’s talk about the most talked about and sleaziest chipmunk trap on the market. Customers have always been discouraged by the use of electronic gadgets for exterminating pests. The Hoont Electronic rodent trap is one of the most popular electronic traps. It has a small plastic box, with a built-in bait portion that electrocutes the rodents. The manufacturers sell it with a 5ft. plugin adapter for charging purposes. You can also use 4D batteries for powering it. There is an indicator that signals the death of the chipmunk. A mechanism that allows you to discard the body without coming in contact is also present.

This product, however, has certain limitations. It might work great inside your home, but if chipmunks are pestering you in the outdoors, this device will render itself useless. For starters, it won’t be able to withstand rainy or foggy conditions. Also, the limited battery time will create further problems. Its dimensions are ill-suited to accommodate bulky chipmunks.  Moreover, the bait will only come under the radar of the rodent if he has clear sight of it, because of the traps opaque exterior. This greatly reduces the efficacy of the machine and deters the customer.

Although, this device does wonders inside your home, its use is still questionable. What if your pet dog and cat gets caught in its trap? Think of the repercussions. There are no sensors that display the battery levels of the device, which is also a major problem.

  • Great for indoors
  • Portability
  • Indicator for signaling death
  • Humane
  • Dangerous for house pets
  • Unfit for rainy and foggy conditions
  • Not large enough to fit in fatty chipmunks
  • Lacks camouflaging abilities

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