Bed Bug Bully Review: Does It Really Work?

First of all, we must know what Bed Bug Bully is really all about. It’s become a very popular spray with natural ingredients that people in the USA use in their aim of destroying bed bugs. And with this, there are many customers who appear to be winning the war. Why? Because it seems to be a very reliable weapon against bed bugs, and we are all aware of just how stubborn bed bug infestations can be. Fortunately it has been discovered that this product is winning the war in many cases.

But in saying that, you probably want to know what bed bugs are, how to find out if you have them and what causes them. Right? Well, let’s first just briefly examine them for a while:

  • They are small little brown-colored insects, living off the blood of humans and animals.
  • They move in quickly, over your floors, ceilings and walls.
  • A female can lay literally lay hundreds of eggs.
  • They are a nuisance, but they don’t pass on disease.

They come into your home via luggage, couches, clothing, used beds and other means. They fit into the tiniest of spaces. Their typical hiding place would be in your mattresses, bed frames, headboards. They literally do come out at night, being attracted by carbon dioxide and body heat. They will crawl out to bite your exposed skin while you sleep, and feed on your blood. People often think they come out of dirty homes, but they are to be found anywhere. Still, bed bugs are more attracted to dirty laundry than fresh, clean laundry, so it is wise not to leave dirty clothes lying around in a bedroom. They’re likely to be hiding somewhere close to where you sleep, but they can also be found in phones, clothing, furniture, purses, etc.

The bugs will feed for up to about 10 minutes and when full, crawl away without you ever having noticed. You might want to scratch as your skin becomes itchy and gets red welts on it. Sometimes people just think they been bitten by mosquitoes.

Signs that you have bedbugs are:

  • You notice blood stains on pillowcases and sheets.
  • Your skin has like red itchy welts on.
  • Dark rusty dirty looking spots on mattresses and sheets which will be bedbug excrement. These stains look like marks from a felt-tip pen that has bled into the linen or fabric.
  • You can notice places in your home where you can see bed bug droppings, egg shells or skin in their hiding places.
  • A musty kind of offensive smell which comes from the bedbug’s scent glands.

Unfortunately an infestation can reach epidemic proportions quickly if the bed bugs are not dealt with properly. It can take just a matter of 10-12 weeks before guests in a home, a hotel or lodge – anywhere - will actually notice the bed bug problem. The key is to detect the problem early and to get quick treatment using excellent products or make use of pest control experts.

Now that we know what bedbugs are and where they come from, we need to know how you can get rid of them, certainly how you can control them. First let’s look at what the active ingredients of Bed Bug Bully are.

It is really comforting to know that Bed Bug Bully contains natural oils which bugs will find toxic.

  • 0.4% of Rosemary oil
  • 0.40% of Citronella oil
  • 0.40% of Clove oil
  • 0.24% of Mint oil

This formula, when you use it, you will discover it is non-staining, it is odorless and best of all safe and effective. You use it prior to your going to bed. With pets and children around, you can be happy and have peace of mind that it’s safe.

And what are the main features of Bed Bug Bully?

1.It comes in liquid form

It is easy to apply because you spray it on to your bedding and mattresses, etc. the way you do with some of your other household cleaners. Some people have been known to mix it with a product like their carpet shampooer which makes it able to be mixed with other products.

2.It’s non-poisonous

Because this product contains natural oils, it is safe for use around both animals and humans. With some fumigations, you need to leave your home or office and stay away, sometimes for even a day. Some of them even leave lingering toxic odors behind which can still be hazardous to your health. But not Bed Bug Bully.

3.It kills on contact

It does kill on contact. But it is sometimes difficult to locate the bed bugs. Usually they are buried deep down into cracks and crevices.

4.Bed Bug Bully has a residual effect

Good news is that the residual effect of Bed Bug Bully can last up to about 30 days. In a 30 day period, it would be recommended that you spray between 3-4 times in that period to benefit the most.  Its long lasting effect is pretty good when compared with other sprays.

5.It’s for outdoor use too

Bed Bug Bully is suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors. Bed bugs are known also for surviving outdoors and therefore it is important you control them outdoors too, otherwise they will just march back indoors and start the infestation all over again. This spray might not be as effective as in warmer weather.

Are there Pros and Cons to Bed Bug Bully?

  • It’s odorless
  • It’s non-toxic, safe for humans and animals around
  • It doesn’t stain or damage household equipment
  • It is able to be mixed with other products
  • It kills all the stages of life of the bed bug, except for the eggs
  • Easy and fast use with the spray bottle system
  • It only will kill the bugs that the mixture comes into contact with
  • It does not have an effect on the eggs
  • Must be used regularly
  • Expensive

Where does Bed Bug Bully come from?

The product Bed Bug Bully is produced by Optimal Chemical Inc. Another name is My Cleaning Product. They are a pest control company, testing and creating their products within their own labs. Resorts and hotels are known to have been using their brand of products since around 2010. On their website they claim to give 100% guaranteed money back if their customers are not happy with the product. See for yourself what the customers think about its effectiveness. Some people say the natural oils in the product cannot possible kill the bugs and there have been scientific studies testing natural products’ effectiveness on destroying pests.

Some say it’s an OK product

It would appear that overall, studies are showing that natural oils like those in Bed Bug Bully are not really proving effective as a bed bug killer. Some people seem to have had success when they spray onto the bugs directly. But then again, it appears that it would be unlikely that this would make any significant change in the infestations. Others say it is just an OK product with results being good or not good. For these reasons, it has been recommended that the product be used with other bed bug treatments for better effect.

But bugs are becoming immune to the chemicals in pesticides in any case

Today, bed bugs are becoming an epidemic in Europe with USA following behind; this from Centers for Disease Control. Apparently there has been a huge surge in bed bugs and the reason they say is probably because the bed begs are starting to be able to resist pesticides that contain bifenthrin or chlorfenapy in them.  Researches are testing 10 strains of bed bugs from all over the country by using insecticides against them. They are discovering that the bed bugs are taking much longer to be killed off than they used to. In 1972 DDT was banned as a pesticide as it was proving to be very unsafe to have around pets and humans. It might have controlled the bug population, but it actually created another problem – the rise of the “superbugs” – bugs that start to resist chemical insecticides.

Bed Bug Bully is a ‘green’ solution that works

Fortunately with these gaps in the marketplace, the ‘green’ revolution arose, with produces designed specifically for the protection of humans and animals, but also looking for green creative ways to effectively eliminate bed bugs. And this is where Bed Bug Bully has come in, with its natural ingredients. It targets the bed bugs’ pheromone receptacles to eliminate them within seconds on being applied. It is such a clean produced that it has the stamp of approval from EPA; Environmental Protection Agency, as being an exempt-from-pesticides product.

‘Green’ experts are today recommending the use of non-toxic pesticides such as Bed Bug Bully because it simply eliminates health risks associated with chemical pesticides; those strong chemicals that do harm to humans and pets. They are recommending non-toxic pesticides to effectively drive out bed bugs from homes and other places.

If you don’t want to wage war yourself, there are professional exterminators

It’s nearly the end of 2017, there will be millions of Americans, Europeans; people from all over the world who will be taking to the roads, seeking out their favorite holiday destinations. Nothing can spoil a wonderful holiday like an infestation of bed bugs, which assuredly will take a ride with you back home. Having some information like above on how you can identify what bed bugs are and where they come from can help you to be prepared so that you can enjoy your holiday more. De-stress and take Beg Bug Bully with you wherever you go. It’s itching to get to work.

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