Top 9 Best Citronella Candles 2019

citronella candles act as a natural insect repellent

If you’re tired of furiously scratching away at insect bites, or swatting at your ears to get rid of the incessant buzzing of mosquitoes and other pesky flying insects, you may want to consider getting yourself some best citronella candles! These wonderful candles made from all natural ingredients claim to keep your parties mercifully insect-free …

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Diatomaceous Earth Reviews

Diatomaceous earth powder

The term ‘diatomaceous earth’ (pronounced dahy-uh-tuh-MEH-shuhs) sounds like something you might have come across in a geography book. Well, you’re not completely wrong. Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that has a number of health benefits and uses in daily life. Chances are, it’s probably an ingredient that’s already present in some of …

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