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5 Best Wasp Killer Sprays (2017): Listed Based On Effectiveness

Have you ever experienced the trauma of a bee sting? Do you remember the blinding pain that almost left you in a puddle of tears? Well, wasp stings are equally agonizing more so their ability to sting several times before dying. On the contrary, bees only sting once, and they die but wasps they will keep coming for you! They are one of the creatures that you should fear.

There are different types of wasps, the paper wasps, hornets and the yellow jackets. Each species with a slight variation of aggressiveness but the yellow jackets are the most aggressive. You may have come across their shelters on your building's eaves, ledges, on trees or underground in rabbit's barrows. Did you identify the location of their nests? If you did not, the nests location vary depending on the type of the wasp that is residing there.

For instance, paper wasps tend to build their nests on the structures of buildings like on the eaves and ledges, Hornets on trees, thickets or buildings and yellow jackets make theirs in residential areas and bored holes.

Once you identify them, you may have felt the urge to get rid of them, but hold it right there dear friend. It is a matter of life or death especially if you have allergic reactions to their venom that can cause hives and breathing problems; you will be in for it. Experts recommend seeking professional exterminators to do the job for the sake of your safety. But if you have the guts you can put on a safe gear preferably rubber clothing that covers you will on your neck, ankles, and wrists and buy an effective wasp spray for the job.

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Although there are many extermination techniques, entomologists advise that sprays are the most efficient wasp killers. Therefore, I have compiled a list of all the best wasp killer sprays that are widely used due to their effectiveness.

  • Wear protective clothing that covers you entirely leaving no room for the wasps to sting you
  • Never attack the wasp's nest during the day as they are active at this time, instead do it at night when they are docile
  • When you are using your torchlight for visibility at night, do not illuminate the nest directly while holding it, place it down and face it in the opposite direction. Otherwise, you may agitate the wasps, and they might attack you.
  • When you spray a steady pressurized mist in the nest in cases where the nest is hanging, do not stand underneath it as the falling wasps can sting you.
  • Once you spray their shelter, leave it for a day to ensure that the poison kills them all, then go and check.
  • If the nest is located in areas with high traffic, it is prudent for you to leave it and let nature take effect on them. For instance, during winter, their structures disintegrate, and they are left vulnerable, so they die.
  • If you are uncertain of your ability to kill the wasps, it is better to hire professionals who are skilled at this work although they can be expensive.

5 Best Sprays Help You Shake off Wasp 

With 92% five-star customer reviews the Wasp and Hornet Killer is worth your money. It is formulated for outdoor use only, and it comes as a ready to use spray. Its contents are d-Trans Allethrin with 0.12% of phenothrin and it comes in a case of 12*17 Oz cans.

best wasp killer spray

Wasp-freeze delivers a professional solution to stinging insects especially hornets as it releases a steady stream of spray, 20 feet long; therefore it instantly exterminates various stinging insects within seconds. Moreover, Wasp-Freeze offers residual protection against such insects.

Wasp-Freeze is very efficient when used at night to attack the wasps. Although it is a pricey wasp killer, you will be amazed at the extent to which other wasp killers from box stores are a rip-off. It is a product that delivers its promise of knocking out wasps. What's more, Wasp-Freeze instant-kill capability ensures that the wasps do not come to get you after you spray, for safety you can even spray from a distance and it will still do the job

Therefore, if you are looking for a genuine wasp killer solution that will not disappoint, Wasp-Freeze is the way to go.

Need to hire an exterminator? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.


  • It is, without doubt, the most efficient in killing wasps.
  • It keeps you safe from attack when you spray with its instant-kill, and 20 feet spray reach.


  • Wasp-Freeze is quite expensive.
  • It does not last long mostly because of its 20 feet spray distance.

Raid is a 14-ounce hornet and wasp killer that also targets other insects such as ants, mud daubers, bees and all kinds of wasps. It is made to kill them instantly including larvae and pupae that are in their shelters. Furthermore, it leaves a residue that is active in executing hornets or wasps that dare to return to their nest.

amazing wasp killer spray

Although Raid is a helpful wasp killer, it is not recommended for use indoors; therefore, you may need to seek the services of an expert exterminator to tackle wasps in the house. However, Raid can still work wonders when sprayed on a nest of wasps inside homes, whether it is those overhanging nests held up high, Raid can spray up to 22 feet and still kill the wasps on contact and leave no wasp alive.

Raid is the best choice for a variety of insects and their larvae making it a multi-purpose insect killer. Furthermore, Raid is a reliable and famous brand with an excellent reputation as they always deliver value to their clients.

It is advisable to wait until dusk for you to kill them and while at it do not forget to spray the hornets that fall from the hive as you spray. Doing this maximizes the benefits.


  • It is super-fast and efficient at killing wasps
  • It can also be used to exterminate ants and other unwanted pests


  • It may not shoot as far as the promised 22 feet spray distance
  • If used indoors it has a strong pungent smell that can be uncomfortable for you and your family especially small kids and animals.

Spectracide PRO is an instant killer of hornets, yellow jackets and wasps. Buying a pack of one is more costly than if you buy an economical package of 12 that only costs $63.84.

SpectricidePRO is among the best at eradicating harmful insects that bite from a distance ensuring that you are safe from any harm. It is pressurized to emit spray that targets nests that are 20 feet away making it an excellent exterminator for high points like eaves of structures.

top-ranked wasp killer spray

Also, just like the Rapid, it can kill wasps if they come back to salvage their nest. However, SpectricidePRO residues last for as long as 4 weeks in the hive, hence ensuring that you do not have to spray frequently. Therefore, you can use one can for a more extended duration.

When using SpectricidePRO, remember to shake the can properly before use then aim appropriately at the infested area because it betters your chances of attacking and killing most of the wasps. Shaking it mixes the content well.

SpectricidePRO is also perfect for wasps that stay on the ground.



  • It acts quickly in killing wasps while offering a relatively permanent solution
  • It sprays far with a nice shot


  • The spray is mist-like, and it can land in unintended places
  • The wasps may take some time to die so be careful.

It is a bee and ground-nesting yellow jacket killer that is capable of reaching the most difficult areas, as its foam spreads easily. Spectricide is perfect for eliminating bees from the tunnels when you notice their activity.

Spectricide comes with an attached extension tube if you want to aim precisely at the holes in the ground where yellow jackets have formed their nests. Once you spray the foam, it knocks outs the insects immediately.

popular wasp killer spray

Is Spectricide a foam or a spray? Well, it is an aerosol if you insert a small straw that comes with its package into the spray opening. Once you do so, it can spray a distance of 5-6 feet, and without the straw, it works pretty much like a standard aerosol. Also, Spectricide works as a foam because it spreads to the areas where the bees and yellow jackets are hiding.

Spectricide is highly effective at killing yellow jackets and bees even in the hidden areas such as the corners of the house. It is a great purchase if you need relief from the wasps that can wreak havoc in your home.

Moreover, this product still gives you a safe distance to avoid being stung.


  • It is perfect for killing bees and wasps in hidden locations when used correctly
  • It kills on contact with just one spray, so it lasts longer.


  • It is pricey for those on a budget
  • The safety range it offers while spraying is a tad too short and you may need to get closer to the nests.

Hot Shot is a very cost effective wasp spray with outstanding capabilities. At only 17.5 ounces, one spray of Hot Shot that reaches up to 27 feet is designed to kill wasps, hornets, tent caterpillars, scorpions, and yellow jackets on contact.

Also, it is powerful enough to kill insects even when they return to their shelters.

effective wasp killer spray

Hot Shot is water-based; therefore, you will be free from worry about ruining your clothes as it is a stainless formula with no residue left. Its most remarkable feature is its 27 feet spray distance that is best if you want to kill wasps that take shelter in the high structures of buildings. For instance, if it is a two-story building, the jet spray is efficient enough to reach its most top points.

Hot Spot can be used both indoors and outdoors, but it is not available for sale in Catalina Island.

Additionally, its spray distance keeps you at a safe distance from the pesky wasps to prevent bites. Also, Hot Shot Wasp and Hornet Killer aerosol slightly forms foam when it gets into contact with the surface although it disappears within seconds.


  • Its water-based formula does not stain clothes
  • It is has a very significant spray distance 27 feet to reach the farthest points in buildings.


  • There are concerns about its instantaneous kill capability that may not work as expected
  • Its spray distance can be reduced in windy conditions.

Final Thoughts

When you are out to shop for a Wasp killer consider these brands that have been tried and tested so that you avoid being disappointed. First, know what kind of wasp you want to get rid of then go for one specially designed for that purpose. For instance, for yellow jackets that nest in bored holes on the ground, the Spectracide Carpenter Bee & Ground-Nesting Yellowjacket Killer Foamer Aerosol is among the best options as it is designed to spray directly in the holes where they hide

If you are on a tight budget, you can go for economy packs like the Raid or Hot Shots model. They can get the job done without breaking your bank.

But if you want a product with excellent performance that delivers beyond expectations but at an extra cost, then a product like Wasp Freeze Wasp & Hornet Killer Insecticide is ideal for you.

Therefore, check out any of these products and give it a try. It is more likely that you will be more than satisfied!